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I guess this could go either way. For those who want to quit smoking and hate nicorette, or for those who want to start smoking, but can't stand cigarettes... yet.

I've seen people bite into a fresh piece of nicotine gum... yuck. Smoka-cola would tase much better. To avoid addiction, there could be varying levels of carbonation and freshness. Symbolicly, when the last freshness level is reached - the one with no carbonation that tastes a week old or like it has cigarette butts in it-, then the relationship between you and the addiction has lost its' freshness as well.

One things for sure, it would have to be persciption, or at least available to those over the age of 13.

I'm sure that non-smokers would appreciate not having to beathe someone else's exhaled toxins.

And in places where its illegal to smoke in bars, you could order a rum-and-smoke. That way the non-smoker your trying to go home with will never know about your nasty habit.

demtangs, Apr 23 2003


       Thomas Keller, the owner and chef at The Laundry in San Francisco once did a series of courses for a fellow chef called Anthony Bourdain which included" Marlboro infused coffee custard with foie gras"
sufc, Apr 23 2003

       Bars located in states where smoking is prohibited in public businesses have begun to do this. They make "nicotinis" by using liquor that has had tobacco leaves soaking in it.
tchaikovsky, Sep 04 2003

       Bourdain worked in SF or the two just knew each other from across the country?
bristolz, Sep 04 2003

       i can imagine this being this black sticky tar like goo that adheres itself to your teeth and or moustache as you poor it down the front of yourself. which i guess is no different from smoking
benfrost, Dec 23 2004


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