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Flat File Blog Standardization

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Flat files are easy to maintain, and is very portable I like it over SQL databases for personal websites. But if we can define a standard for 'flat files' blogs, then it shall be more futureproof.

Right now I'm using markdown as the parser (its not really standardized beyond the first markdown specs? :/ ) for the content of each post.

Also for each post, I encoded the time date in ISO 8601 format, and included the title within the filename after the time date information. (e.g. 2014-06-14_First_Post.md ). I had thought to include these info within the post, but placing it in the file name would make it easier to search later on. Also having year-month-day, would make it easier to organize the post by timedate using alphanumerical sorting.

Structure of the file name for each post (contact me for regexp if you need it):

[ISO8601 timedate]+[optional "_"or" "]+[title of post]+ [file extension ".txt" ".md"]

All these post are included in a folder named "/blog/", with a subfolder "/gallery/" for pictures and non post files.

I am however not sure what to do about blog post tags. I don't want to encoded it into the file name, as that would clutter it up.

Anything else about a typical personal blog that would need to be considered for a flatfile blog standard?

mofosyne, Jun 14 2014

ISO 8601 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601
ISO 8601 Data elements and interchange formats – Information interchange – Representation of dates and times [mofosyne, Jun 14 2014]

NanoBlogger http://nanoblogger.sourceforge.net/
Uses flat files and standard UNIX tools. [Spacecoyote, Jun 14 2014]


       There's no need for a standardized file storage format for blog backends.
Voice, Jun 14 2014

       Flat File Borg Standardization...
sninctown, Jun 14 2014


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