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Color-matching Shaving Cream

Matches your hair color for easy syling
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When I go from being clean-shaven to having a goatee, I usually have 2 options- I can a) go for a few unsightly weeks without shaving so that I can see what area I'm leaving behind. Or, (what I usually end up doing) I can b) lather up my entire beard and shave until I've left a shaving cream goatee to my liking every day until the goatee has grown in.

However, white shaving cream does not contrast well with my peach skin, and doesn't really give me an idea of how I will look with a patch of dark brown hair on my chin.

What I propose is a line of shaving creams that come in a variety of hair-like colors. The buyer chooses the one which most resembles their hair color, making it easy to shave their beard in whatever shape they wish without waiting for it to grow out first.

utexaspunk, Nov 11 2003

Do it your self http://www.elydrugs.../pages/williams.htm
Just mix in chocolate. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       ... which then falls off, leaving you with coloured shaving cream on your shoe.   

       (edit:) Ah, I was under the impression that you wished to publicly sport a beard made of cream until such time as the real one grew in (or indeed *instead* of growing a real one). It seemed odd.
benjamin, Nov 11 2003

       [benjamin] - I thought it was implicit that you still wash it off when you are done shaving... silly... it's just color-matched so you can reasonably predict what it will eventually grow out to look like
utexaspunk, Nov 11 2003

       What, full of bubbles and bearing little resemblance to the actual hairline?
PeterSilly, Nov 11 2003

       I thought you weren't going to say anything about *that* episode, [bliss].
PeterSilly, Nov 11 2003

       ...of course, it could just look like he's smeared his face with poo... :)
utexaspunk, Nov 11 2003

       The "see-how-you-would-look" aspect could be achieved by collecting up your stubble (e.g. using an electric razor) over a long period of time. Mix it with some transparent gluey type material (e.g. the glue they put on letters when they stick your new credit card to it for delivery to you - know what I mean?). Then you could roll the stubble-glue mix onto your face in the right beardy shape. Personally I'd like to add food-colouring to a squirt of shaving foam and see how great I'd look sporting a nice yellow beard or a ginger goatee.
dobtabulous, Nov 12 2003


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