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Disposable Razor with Styptic Pencil

An eraser for cuts.
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Sometimes you find yourself somewhere far away from your own toiletries and you need to shave for an unexpected event.

Buying a new Mach 3, 4, 5, 6, or 12 can be a bit of a cost, but a pack of 3 disposables might be just the ticket.

Unfortunately, the blades on these are usually sub par, and if you shave with same vigor and zest as your usual razor, you may end up with a cut.

A small styptic pencil on the end of the razor's handle would be a welcome addition to these bastard spawn of real razors.

Giblet, Feb 17 2010

A patent from 1951 showing a razor with attached styptic pencil http://www.freepate...ne.com/2559344.html
Like this? (see pdf doc at bottom of page) [zen_tom, Feb 19 2010]


       //bastard spawn of real razors// Pah! Since when was a "Mach 3" a real razor? All you're getting for your additional £10 (compared to a bic disposable - a real razor is the big scary metal kind) is more moulded plastic and so-called "lubrication strips" if you used some proper foam, and lots of nice hot water, and a little less "vigor and zest" - there's no reason why a nasty bic orange can't give you as good and comfortable a shave as any of those other brands that spend so much on marketing and product differentiation in order to suggest to the buying public that more blades = better shave - complete nonsense.
zen_tom, Feb 18 2010

       Wow, someone woke up on the bitter side of the bed.   

       My sarcasm about blades soared right over your head, but I thought that would be obvious to one of the most sarcasm laden places on the internet.   

       Your assumptions about my shaving skills come from nowhere except your apparent eliteness about old school straight razors (is that the big scary metal kind you speak of? My weak brain is having trouble visualizing one (again more sarcasm)).   

       I was stuck using an orange disposable from the same company that my 3 blade razor is from, that I have been using without cuts for over 10 years. Twice in one week, using the same foam and steady hand I always have, and two brand new disposables, I found my self bleeding.   

       Ask a man who shaves his scalp almost daily, if a straight razor is the way to go, then ask him if he prefers 3 or 2 blades. No man will tell you that 2 blades is better, as 3 gives greater surface area, takes off more hair, and needs to be rinsed less often.   

       Your incredible skills with a straight razor, and your opulent brush and foam, have nothing to do with the fact that a styptic pencil on the end of the disposable would have been a welcome addition for me, and the 4 people who voted positively on this idea.   

       I left this site for a while, as it was becoming a little too old guard in here. Now I remember why. The world needs a new site like this one, that actually talks about the idea posted, instead of ranting about straight razors like an old fool.   

       Not sure if you are an old fool, but you are doing a fine impression.   

       Anyways, what you think is complete nonsense, is tried and tested by many people.   

       Agreed, that 99% of razor ideas are marketing BS, but if you really think 2 blades is equal to 3, fine, you can continue do so.
Giblet, Feb 19 2010

       Cut throat or beard are the two True Ways.
nineteenthly, Feb 19 2010

       zen_tom, i agree. A single blade bic can be just as good as a mach3, and those four and five blade razors look like what they joked about in mad magazine back when the twin blades first came out in the '70s! by the way, in the first season of saturday night live (75- 76), they did a joke commercial of a triple blade razor. maybe the mach 3 guys saw that? also, it's harder to clean those multi blade razors, i usually have to use an old tooth brush. but a built in styptic pencil? hmmm... maybe a good idea, giblet. so have a bun.
-wess, Feb 19 2010

       I regularly lacerate myself on cheap razors (not that I've ever tried another kind).   

wagster, Feb 19 2010

       giblet, true i wasn't even thinking of scalp shaving, it's much better with more blades. and sometimes, i don't recognize sarcasm (my bad) sorry.
-wess, Feb 19 2010

       Sorry Giblet, you seem to have taken my annotation a little personally and confused a (reasonably on-topic I thought) mini-rant (one that seems to agree with your own personal point of view, thanks for sharing) with a twin-pronged attack on both your idea and shaving ability - oops. But I honestly don't understand where you get the rest of your assumptions from - which side of the bed did you get out of this morning?   

       Oh, and I'm in my mid thirties, in case that helps you decide exactly what kind of fool I am (in addition to the blade count thing) Thanks.
zen_tom, Feb 19 2010

       I was just taken aback that you attacked pretty much everything in my first idea I have posted in years, without actually discussing one thing about the actual product I was mentioning including it's potential merits or lack thereof.   

       That was where I saw only bitterness, and noting resembling good or bad criticism. It was those kind of baseless comments that made me leave this place with my usually bunnable ideers, for roughly 2-3 years. My bloody face and styptic pencil idea is what pulled me back, tentatively, towards the fold.   

       I apologize, and am applying skin thickening agent as we speak, but it does sting a bit on that cut.   

       For the record, I was dating a girl a few years ago, and during our initial courtship, she read my ideas on this site, and that was actually one of the things that helped her fall for me.   

       This place in a way, is your brain on paper. Coming back gives me a creative way to express my overly imaginative brain, so you can see why wrongly or not, I was _choked_.   

Giblet, Feb 19 2010

       Does the aluminium from styptic pencils get into the bloodstream?
nineteenthly, Feb 19 2010

       //This place in a way, is your brain on paper//   

       Oh god.
wagster, Feb 19 2010

       This is your brain.   

       This is your brain on paper.   

       This is your brain.   

       This is your brain on the 'Bakery.
nineteenthly, Feb 19 2010

       So, this is about thin skin.
mylodon, Feb 20 2010

       There could be such a thing as an hypoallergenic styptic pencil and there are a number of obscure astringents which could be used.
nineteenthly, Feb 20 2010

       I am stingy and only swap out the blade on my razor after it's bit me a few times so (+)
Been thinking of trying one of those straight razors.

       Replace disposable razor's lube strip with styptic strip. Perfect for those with tremor, poor eyesight or thin skin. Also tones and firms the face.
Whistlebritches, Mar 02 2010


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