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DIY Bungee Epilator

We do hair take-away by pulling your legz az we drop your pantz
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We congratulate you az new owner of Bungee Epilator, the fraction of cozt product from Tadzhikiztan Labor Zaverz, Ltd. There iz no mezz az with other zolutionz, and we uze only natural beez wax and honey. Pleaze Madam/Zir; abide by theze Englizh inztructionz for beautiful zkin and happinezz. *

1.(one) Turn trouzerz (like diver'z wetzuit)** inzide out and apply whole ball of wax up to dotted bikini line.

2.(two) Turn trouzerz outzide in and zkinny-dip into them.

3.(three) Enjoy hot zhower three (3) minutez or until wax flowz out at anklez.

4.(four) Fazten bungee cord between waiztline and far end of five (5) meter diving board with lacozte clipz.

5.(five) Execute ztylizh zwan dive. The trouzerz will be rolled and whizked off, removing hair from legz for up to 30 (thirty) dayz. Any zcreamz will be drowned in the water.

6.(zix) Cloze zhave, no? Remember to retrieve inzide-out, furry trouzerz that hang for all to admire.

Note, thiz hair-raizing product not recommended for pregnanciez with varicoze veinz. Return cuztomerz will receive dizco ball clown noze without charge and gratiz.

* We apologize for having no "Z" (ezz) button at thiz time.
**For zilverback male zee next page on jumping with vezt (waiztcoat).

FarmerJohn, Aug 09 2002

Bikini Waxing http://www.fashion-icon.com/brazil.html
Given that this differs from what I understand to be the regular process only insofar as there is now an air gap between the wax being removed and soothing unguents being applied, I don't think anyone but an S&M fan is going to go for this. [DrCurry, Aug 09 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I think this idea might be in the wrong category - shouldn't it be it "Public : Evil" ??
8th of 7, Aug 09 2002

       Get a new keyboard.
BinaryCookies, Aug 09 2002

rbl, Aug 09 2002

       honestly, no. it's really not that bad. I never understand what the fuss is about, even re DrCurry's link (is that where you get your beauty tips DrC?). The first swoosh is probably 10/10 for pain, but the rest are only 4 to 6 out of 10. You just have to concentrate on something else.
sappho, Aug 09 2002

       I really dizlike thiz on zo many levelz. croizzant
po, Aug 09 2002

       Jezuz chrizt that zounds painful
Mr Burns, Aug 09 2002

       How can you possibly pull a hair out in the wrong direction?!?
DrCurry, Aug 09 2002

       start tugging at a nose hair and one from the head retracts - possibly?
po, Aug 09 2002

       Per that link, I would suggest not trying this at home.
DrCurry, Aug 09 2002

       I am too incapazitated from zee pain to give you zeee croizzant. Zeez makez razer burn zeem orgazmic.
polartomato, Aug 10 2002


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