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Custard Foam

Edible shaving foam
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Soft, moisturising and you can have a snack while you're shaving. Leaving you with the delightful aroma of custard.

This idea seems to have existed before as "Shaving Custard" but I think it may have been lost in the Great Crash so here goes...

wagster, Feb 05 2005

Zabaglione http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabayon
Possibly? [zen_tom, Apr 04 2007]


       In what flavors? While searching the Halfbakery for "shaving custard" I came across "vagina jam" Serendipitous - no?
JungFrankenstein, Feb 06 2005

       I was thinking vanilla. I was not (I repeat: NOT) considering the option you raise, [Jung].
wagster, Feb 06 2005

       Yeah you could shave on the bus. Or this could solve the problem of having toast fall butter side down. Have it with a butter flavour and don't butter the toast, just eat.   

       But I still cant get the whole licking the razor problem out of my head?
BlownUpGnome, Feb 06 2005

       ``[BlownUpGnome]: You lick from the dull edge, across the sharp edge.   

       Next thing on the list would be edible facial hair, yes?
tiromancer, Feb 06 2005

       So if you stroked the rasor down your face too quickly, would all of the foam come off in one go?   

       you would have to take the skin off the custard first.
po, Feb 06 2005

       [tiromancer] - Do you mean to tell me that facial hair isn't edible?
wagster, Feb 06 2005

       Birds eye?
skinflaps, Feb 06 2005

       You post this after telling me to stop being stupid?
waugsqueke, Feb 07 2005

       Why *CUSTARD*?   

       What is it with this fascination with custard?   

       I don't understand why the fascination is with custard instead of some other food.   

       Custard is good, though.
DesertFox, Feb 07 2005

       Great to use when shaving your partner as a form of foreplay.
MissQT, Mar 15 2006

       okay, your very weird in general NOW THATS OVER DOING IT!
crash, Apr 04 2007

       Kind of like a custard spuma - zabaglione would be good to use.
zen_tom, Apr 04 2007

       If you make it dissolve the hair into something edible you wouldn't have to worry about licking the razor. Hmm, Custard nair... Nah, not worth posting.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 05 2007


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