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Combination taser / defibrillator

Dual purpose!
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Many establishments now have defibrillators on the wall. The idea is that a quick application of electricity could restart a heart, and improve the chance for survival. Unfortunately these machines are not good for much else. And what if there is a need for nonlethal force?

BUNGCO is proud to introduce the Dual Use Taser / Defibrillator. Possessed of all the life saving powers of a plain defibrillator, a flip of the switch allows the operator to shoot the electrodes in the manner of a taser. This would be useful in subduing unruly customers or for any other taser application, or for defibrillation from a safe distance. The paddles can also be manually applied until defibrillation or subduage is accomplished. The economy of space alone makes the taser / defibrillator attractive, and the size of the unit makes it unlikely that employees will make off with them in their pockets (as, to our chagrin, we found to be the case here at BUNGCO with our prototype Wall-Mounted Rechargable Taser)

But wait! There's more! The Dual Use Taser / Defibrillator carries a formidable charge, and in the case that the power should go out, the device will power an emergency light (or other device, via built in 120V socket) good for up to 30 minutes.

bungston, Apr 25 2008

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       Why use paddles on the defibrillator ? just aim.
FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2008

       I like it... You could threaten the perp with another OBE over and over.   

       "Don't make me kill you, then wait two minutes, then revive you, again!!"   

TIB, Apr 25 2008

       Good, you can sell them to the transit police in Vancouver.
Cuit_au_Four, Apr 25 2008

       It could also be used to boost failing fluorescent tubes.
nineteenthly, Apr 25 2008

       And you wouldn't even need to climb up on a ladder to get at them.
bungston, Apr 25 2008

       I would welcome the Vancouver transit police having them. I managed to behave in a way to keep me from getting tased on a daily basis, but there is more then one occasion where I felt endangered enough on the train I wish I had one in my pocket.   

       Maybe you are referring to the RCMP (real police) attack at the airport, or is that a straight up dig at the state of people on Vancouver transit?
Giblet, Aug 16 2008

       That is a very similar idea. I cannot believe I did not turn it up on a search. I do not think that the author intended the device to be sued to subdue people but that is a fine point.
bungston, Aug 16 2008


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