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Integration of offender tags with GPS and RFID
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Just wached Real Story on how tags are not working in the UK. Some of the issues are offenders removing tags, and offenders causing crime during the daytime (as they are only restricted to home during the 7pm-7am time).

Offenders removing tags isn't covered by this idea. I don't see why systems can't be put in place to ensure law enforcement or other contractors are notiied when tags are removed.

What I'd like to see is A-GPS/GSM systems being integrated into the tags. This way, there would be a record of the location of offender recorded on a central system at all times. The cell-site and approx location can be transmitted to a central server over GPRS. Then if any crimes happen - the offender can either be implicated, or removed from the suspect list.

In addition to this - wouldn't it also be cool if the tags included a RFID tag. Shop keepers could then add a detector on the doorway that would read this info (probably the samee detector that checks for knicked goods). This could record the name of the offender entering the shop, and would record all product attached RFID tags that left the shop at the same time as the offender. It could also notify the shopkeeper when the offender entered the shop - so that he could be on the lookout.

andybryant, Apr 25 2005

the cost - as always http://www.dehavill...terid=10&searchid=8
[po, Apr 25 2005]


       Current tags (In Britain at least, I'm not sure about elsewhere) are fitted to automatically alert probation officers if they are tampered with.
hidden truths, Apr 25 2005

       What [po]'s link said. Coupled with the fact that the RFID to stock management system would be a huge undertaking (every pack of B&H and can of Stella RFID'ddd) means that the lowly shopkeeper would be out of business with the expense.
"Nail 'em up!. It's the only language these bastards understand!".
gnomethang, Apr 26 2005


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