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GmaiL - GMail Laundry

Have Gmail do the Laundry
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On Gmail's Feature Suggestions page, just after a serious request for a more functional search with partial words and wildcards, (a suggestion which has hundreds of requests in various threads on the web for over 4 years now) they give you the possibility to "suggest" another one of their own ideas, which is Have Gmail do the Laundry.

Now since it was Gmail (i.e. Google) that suggested it, and since they can invest nice money in startups, I hearby propose a half-laundered idea: Gmail Laundry.

It works as follows: A Gmail Laundry "file" can accept up to one set of clothes, which when submitted, is taken via a fast elevated small package network [see link] to the nearby available laundering hub, which can even be a home where someone has linked up to the network, in a trusted way - say by paying an insurance fee and proving identity and location, (hey its a hardware network we're talking about, not easy to fake your identity, and not worth disappearing with your neighbor's underwear). Within the shortest time possible, the clean and folded clothes are on their way back to your inbox.

When you want to get rid of old clothes, you put them in the GMail Laundry Recycle Bin for charity or for the Greengros.

pashute, Feb 26 2014

Gmail Suggestions Page https://support.goo...estions/16932?hl=en
A place for users to suggest what Gmail thinks they should suggest. [pashute, Feb 26 2014]

GetSatisfaction https://getsatisfac...lem_on_gmail?page=2
A place for users to suggest things to Google and think someone is listening [pashute, Feb 26 2014]

Elevated package transportation system https://www.youtube...watch?v=GL05bH7VEMI
The brain child of my friend Hans Yurgen Thuma [pashute, Feb 26 2014]

And a real working package (baggage) handling system http://www.airports...gy-choice/3-dcv_yul
Its interesting to note that the Bedouins replace CK with GG and P with B. [pashute, Feb 26 2014]


       "Drag and Drop" ... ?
8th of 7, Feb 26 2014

       //Drag and Drop// What you get up to on Friday nights at the club is your own business.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2014

       I edited the text and added two links for elevated package transit network systems.
pashute, Feb 26 2014

       Gringos? What do gringos need with more clothes?
RayfordSteele, Feb 27 2014


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