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Commuter Games

Self Driving Chariots
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You start your car, looking forward to the mythical Jersey 1.5 hour commute. And now that the car drives itself, there's nothing to do but check Facebook and messages -- which will leave you with absolutely nothing to do when you get into the office.

Enter our new Commuter Games division that will provides hours of daily entertainment by keeping score as you engage in reckless real chases virtual shootouts with your fellow commuters, with high scores conveniently and kills conveniently displayed on the dashboard in augmented reality.

theircompetitor, Feb 10 2016


       [Ian] You seem to be in the process of reinventing what is known as a "bus".   

       [theircom] A 1.5hr commute by car, either in or to Jersey, will involve you getting very wet somewhere between France and England.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2016

       hence the BridgeGate, [MB]
theircompetitor, Feb 10 2016


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