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Steam Fights Aqua Bomb

Steam bombs hurt opponents.
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Think about those hibachi places. Mmm. Onion volcanos...

Ok. Now think about how when it's over and that guy comes with the cloth and wipes the surface down, and it makes steam and sizzles.

I guess I could have shortened this by just mentioning that big hot metal surface and how this sport would be fought around a very large hot metal table just like this. But, much larger. Say... 35M dia. Players have water balloons and chunk them at their opponents. Any water balloons that hit the ground take a point from your score. Any direct hits give two points. Any steam hits (when the ballon lands on the surface and makes a steamy splash) give one point.

The round is played with all players (7 on each team) starting with a satchel of ten balloons and end with the last throw. The circle is halved by a line of scrimmage with flanking referrees to call hits and make sure nobody gets in a real fight.

The first team to 35 wins the round.

Each team has two members who has a pair of ice shoes and ice gloves and can maneuver inside the circle until their icy stuff melts and it just becomes too painful to stay on. If any one of these players falls off, the play is over and 35 points are automatically awarded to the team who didn't fall off. The teams refill balloons call any strategies they may have going and start a new round. Play resumes for the best 3/5 rounds.

Tonight: Team Steam Fights Team Aqua Bomb. It's gonna be a real WHHhhooo LLLLllllaaahh

daseva, Dec 02 2005




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