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Competitive Mixtaping

One for the blokes, I think.
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The worst thing about mixtaping is that all the reward you will ever get for your efforts will be a sense of satisfaction and, if you are good enough and lucky enough, the temporary admiration of your peers. I want more. I want medals and prize money. I want corporate sponsorship and international recognition. I want competitive mixtaping.

Each entrant will send a tape to the Regional Adjudication Department, an independent body made up of record store staff, late night radio DJs and - as a sop to the common man - one of the guys that stands at the DJ booth in clubs, trying to read the names of the records as they spin.

The RAD then listens to each tape. The best tapes are sent to the National Adjudication Department for consideration. The NAD is made up of John Peel, Nick Hornby, Pete Waterman, Tom Paulin and Boy George. These five men consider each of the tapes on the basis of the following criteria

a) Theme selection
b) Tune selection
c) Flow/sequencing
d) Surprises
e) In-between bits / intros (per Saveloy)

And a score is awarded for each. The pale-faced, skinny white boys behind the top five entries are then taken to a record shop and given £500. They have exactly 24 hours to come up with a mix tape on a theme (chosen by the public in a televised phone vote). All five 45 minute tapes are aired on Saturday night TV and are voted for by the public. The winner wins a big shiny medal, a caravaning holiday with John Peel and the chance to battle it out with the Americans and the Dutch in the International Mixtaping Challenge (sponsored by XBOX).

calum, May 13 2002

John Peel http://www.bbc.co.u...dio1/alt/peel.shtml
DJ, icon and the personification of 'avuncular' [calum, May 13 2002]

Nick Horby http://www.salon.co.../2000/03/31/hornby/
The Gooner behind "High Fidelity" [calum, May 13 2002]

Pete Waterman http://www.pwl-empi...om/petewaterman.htm
TV 'celebrity' and producer of of some of the best/worst pop music the UK has ever heard [calum, May 13 2002]

Tom Paulin http://news.bbc.co....1937000/1937082.stm
Poet, panelist on late night review programme "Newsnight Review." Altogether now: "I thought is was a terrible movie." [calum, May 13 2002]

Boy George http://members.tripod.com/boygeorgefan/
He's a DJ now, y'know... [calum, May 13 2002]

Bastard Pop http://www.guardian...3604,658530,00.html
[stupop, May 14 2002]

non-competitive mixtaping http://mix-tapes.diaryland.com
Submit your best. [pottedstu, Jul 03 2002]


       In the key of C - roissant
thumbwax, May 13 2002

       Boy George is in culture section of today's Independent newspaper with subtitle 'New Romantic turned Old Luvvie'... I wonder whether he *didn't* have final edit on that article
sappho, May 13 2002

       I have croissanted this, calum, but you got the pastry by the skin of your teeth: //One for the blokes, I think// I think not. When it comes to making perfect complation tapes, who's the daddy? Why, it's me.
salachair, May 13 2002

       When I was a young child I somehow got the idea that my coloring books were going to be collected and judged against the coloring books of other children, and that I would be awarded a great prize.   

       Not to suggest that I see anything childish about this idea...it just reminded me.
beauxeault, May 13 2002

       Somehow, calum, I had really hoped that you had innovated some novel new way to wield a bartender's tap (or bar gun) to create the best new cocktail for the Annual Mix-Masters Competitition of 2002. Instead of Long Island Iced Tea, you'd have invented Scotch Plaid Punch or a Hebrides Highball, or somesuch. Oh, well: Dance mix this year; Equal Opportunity Party mix next year.
jurist, May 13 2002

       This reminds me of an idea my brother had; a mixtape party, where every guest has to bring along a homemade compilation tape, possibly along a certain theme. Length would be restricted based on how many guests were expected and how late the party was expected on go on until.
-alx, May 13 2002

       Bugger. I've just realised that this idea is actually "pop idol mixtaping" (including the presence of Pete Waterman). Frankly, this would work better as a radio programme-cum-competition, with the NAD having final say on who's the daddy, rather than a phone vote.   

       Oh and salachair, you just keep on kidding yourself. My daddyship is unquestionable.
calum, May 13 2002

       Ahem. Have *you* ever juxtaposed 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' with 'Balaich an Iasgaich' ? Thought not. I *am* the daddy.
salachair, May 14 2002

       There is definitely an element of competition in Bastard Pop (see link) which is currently taking the UK by storm.
stupop, May 14 2002

       They're calling it Bastard Pop now? I've only ever known it as bootlegging. To tell the truth, the category (d) Surprises was thought up with this in mind. My friends and I have rarely made mixtapes without at least one bootleg.   

       (Aside: Greatest Ever Bootleg: Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' vocal over 'Numbers' by Kraftwerk)
calum, May 14 2002

       People still use tapes?
waugsqueke, May 14 2002

       Daft Punk- Da funk & Madonna - Music go quite well. As does <whipers embarrassedly> S-club 7 - Don't Stop Movin' & Whacko Jacko's Billie Jean.
stupop, May 14 2002

       Oh the humanity! Civil wars would break out over this. Croissant.   

       One thing, I respectfully suggest that you add:   

       e) In-between bits / intros
Saveloy, May 14 2002

       I wonder what makes you think the top five would be limited to "pale-faced, skinny white boys?" Croissant all the same.
janinedm, Jul 03 2002

       janinedm: quite right. Some of the best I've received have been from pale-faced white girls of dubious skinniness.   

       Alternatively if you don't want to be judged, there are various online fora where you can submit your mix-tape line-ups to be gawked up. I supply one such link, although their graphics appear to be fucked.
pottedstu, Jul 03 2002

       hmmn, this idea struck a chord with me (+)
neilp, Apr 11 2007


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