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Compound-Bow Tie

As an accoutrement to the Compound Bow Suit... or not.
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What appears to be a flat silk neck tie with circular patterns is really a strong bimetallic strip designed to lay flat when resting against the wearers' body heat.
When unclipped from the false knot and held away from the toso, the change in temperature curls either end of the tie while false circular patterns at either end swing 90 degrees to the curve revealing the bowstring.

Arrows are spring loaded from your attaché case of course.


       Hey, the hb makes that little squiggle over e's in French words now.   


       This is possibly the best example to date of a pun- inspired idea that made good.   

       I predict that it will inspire a slew of everyday-items - concealed-as-bows ideas.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 05 2013

       If an ordinary bow-tie is a sort of ribbon that has been tied neatly in a manner not horribly different from tying shoelaces, then a compound bow-tie might be an extra-long ribbon, such that after tying one bow, there is leftover ribbon with which to tie a second bow, and perhaps a third bow, ...
Vernon, Nov 06 2013

       Hey, I spent ages on online dictionaries looking for "compund"...for that cunning parents...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 06 2013

       Sorry 'bout that.
How come the idea titles don't spell check if everything else does?

       Not complaining mind you, I just figured that it must have been programmed to exclude spell check in that slot on purpose and I'm curious as to why?   

       Is it because so many users splice idea names together or misspell them on purpose?

       So, these are all positive annos, so I'm giving a positive croissant. [+] I think little tiny Cupid arrows would be appropriate! (cuz I'm a girl!) haha
xandram, Nov 06 2013

       I wonder, incidentally, if a functional mini-crossbow could be made in shape of a regular bow tie.   

       The two wings would be the "bow", with a string between them. The knot would have a hole in it through which the bolt went.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2013

       // I wonder, incidentally, if a functional mini crossbow could be made in shape of a regular bow tie //   

       Initial research indicates:   

       1. A fake bow tie (the cheap, nasty pre-tied sort with an elastic neckband, as worn by foreigners) can be used as a component of an improvised catapult.   

       2. A real bow tie can be used to produce quite an effective slingshot.   

       3. A crossbow tie can be produced, using a pen as a projectile. But other components are needed to form the "stock", and unless great care is used there is a significant risk that the pen will be flipped backwards into the tester's eye with considerable force.   

       4. Being hit in the eye by a pen REALLY REALLY HURTS and can ruin your whole day.
8th of 7, Nov 06 2013

       Therefore its best to choose a day that has already been ruined.
rcarty, Nov 06 2013

       [Vernon] - I (on my shoes) sometimes make the loops extra long, then use them to tie another "standard" overhand bow, resulting in 6 loops. Handy for when I'm on my bike, in particular (shoelaces in the sprocket gets messy...).
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 06 2013

       //Being hit in the eye by a pen REALLY REALLY HURTS and can ruin your whole day//   

       oh dear me i am so very very sorry to hear that.   

       I wonder if it's possible to take one of those plastic rulers and, pressing it between one's hand and one's forehead, bend it sufficiently to touch it with one's tongue...
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2013

       That's where I draw the line.
rcarty, Nov 06 2013

       Where, on your tongue or on your forehead.
Alterother, Nov 07 2013


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