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Compressed air quiet vacuum cleaner

Filled slowly and silently at night, sends and retrieves air
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It won't be silenced, but at least much less noise than the usual vacuum cleaners:

Compressed air sent out onto rug or area to be cleaned, and then dust filled air is retrieved using a Venturi valve (pump). Some of the air could be sent upwards out of a wide exit, in a separate path after the venturi valve, so that not all the air is "sent to the dust".

Filled during the night slowly, or using changeable pressurized air containers filled at the store, you'll get a quite vacuuming experience.

pashute, Apr 25 2012


       1: Does the air traverse the rug explosively, or gradually like an air hockey table?   

       2: Now that several cats worth of hair is floating in the room above the rug, is the pump to dispose of this air located somewhere central in the room, or as part of an overlying device (like a vacuum cleaner). A central pump would be something like a house fan, I suppose?
bungston, Apr 25 2012


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