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Computer License

A liscence to drive a computer.
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According to technical support, more and more peole are buying computers without knowing anything about them. That's okay you say. But think if people did this with cars. People of any age would be able to drive cars. If the car crashed, it would be the cars fault.

So, i think that a Computer Competence Liscence should be needed in order to buy a PC. Lessons would be paid for in order to pass the liscence test. Eventually, your liscence would be obtainable through school examination.

[From the people who brought you Halfopoly, check it out now!]

[ sctld ], Jun 01 2001

Caller I.Q. http://www.halfbake...a/Caller_20I_2eQ_2e
Just say no. [Reverend D, Jun 01 2001]


       [sp: license or licence, but not (as in the original) liscense.]
jutta, Jun 01 2001, last modified Jun 08 2001

       Thanks, my spalling is turrable, for sumeone who speaks englich.
[ sctld ], Jun 02 2001

       I think Soterios's idea is a better one. I don't care if people have computers/cars if they only use them in their own home/on their own property. But when they start interacting with others, they need to know what they're doing.
StarChaser, Jun 02 2001

       I remember reading an email a while back about GM tech support calls. Some of my favorites were:   

       "Well, my car will be working fine, and then crash all of a sudden. It happens at least three times a day...'Driving?!!' I shouldn't have to learn all of this technical jargon!"   

       "My car was running fine for about a week, but now it refuses to start up. Gas?! I was never told that I would have to purchase add-ons!"
nick_n_uit, Jun 05 2001

       The trouble with all these nanny-state ideas is that they are just so damn appealing. A licence to vote, a licence to reproduce, a licence to drink, a licence to put salt on your food. We all want to control the idiots out there to stop them from hurting themselves or others. The problems are a) who watches the watchers and b) is there any evidence that this kind of controlling state apparatus actually makes people smarter?   

       A computer licence would simply have the effect of restricting computer access to thickies. Sure, they could take a course to learn beforehand but as anyone who as ever done one will attest, most course teach a fraction of what a reasonably intelligent person could learn for himself in the same time with a PC and a reference manual and a real job to do, rather than a class exercise. A less intelligent person on this same course will learn a narrow set of vole-tracks for completing specific tasks in specific circumstances, without any of the broader understanding that will help them get out of trouble when they accidentally stray from this path.   

       (btw [jutta] I always thought 'license' was the verb and licence the noun but I have just found out that they licence is just a British variant and can be either form - at least according to dictionary.com)
gravelpit, Jun 06 2001

       Well I was once driving and I got a phone call telling me I'd been promoted to manager, and what with the surprise, I swerved across the road, but got it back on track. A few minutes later, I got another call telling me I'd been promoted to Director, and this time I nearly hit a juggernaut. Only minutes later, I got another call saying I'd been prmoted to CEO, and I was so surprised I swerved into the ditch and crashed.
The policeman who arrived at the scene came up to me and asked "What happened to you??"


       "Oh" I said " I think I careered off the road.."
goff, Jun 06 2001


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