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php MyUsers

A central database of users for other php apps to connect to
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I sometimes find myself wishing different apps like forums and mediawiki can share the same user databases. While it can be done... the solution is often done using hacks. I hope it can be done as a application standard rather than a mod.

I hope there are a php app that host a 'central user database' to which supported apps can 'hook' into MyUser.

This means you can go to mediawiki and a forum app and tell them to hook their user databases to the MyUser folder.


preemptive counterargument: OpenID does it already; However not all site owners want the ability for random bystanders, from the net to be able to access their website. In addition, OpenID can be enabled on the MyUser frontend. This means, you have a central location for both, internal users... and OpenID users (for banning and moderation purpose).

mofosyne, Jan 16 2010


       Potentially a nice idea, but I don't think it'd save any time in the long run. There are so many different programs and scripts that might make use of it, it'd take more time to make them all compatible than it'd be worth. You may as well just hack things together as you need them.
mitxela, Jan 17 2010

       I think this is a bit of a "lets all".   

       It's also baked - LDAP.
webfishrune, Jan 19 2010


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