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Internet Exams

Require IQ exams for internet access
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Perhaps Internet Services Providers should start requiring written exams to be taken before validating user accounts. Questions about policies, security, and netiquette would be asked, along with several general knowledge questions.

The internet is a great place to share and accumulate knowledge, but in the dawn of "one-click internet access", it's being degraded simply to a resource for pornography, terrorism, and psychoceramica.

With mandatory IQ tests, ISPs would be able to atleast limit access to certain resources for users, if not deny them access completely.

ayukawa, Jun 11 2001

Psychoceramics http://www.santafe....psychoceramics.html
The study of crack-pots. [egnor, Jun 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

More psychoceramics http://www.google.c...ch?q=psychoceramics
[egnor, Jun 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I disagree. Ever since Google arrived, I've never been unable to find what I'm looking for due to "pornography, terrorism, and psychoceramica."
bookworm, Jun 11 2001

       Myself, I want more psychoceramica.   

       This is a common rant. Can we delete it?
egnor, Jun 11 2001

       Most of those are "money tests" rather than "IQ tests".   

       Actually, I think that what needs to be measured is not intelligence so much as the basic willingness to think.
wiml, Jun 11 2001

       If you regard the Internet as a really big public library, this idea falls at the first hurdle. I assume (from a quick audit of the shelves) that many people use the public library in my town to borrow mindless fiction. Would they fail your test?
angel, Jun 11 2001

       In fact someone obsessed with various bizarre issues is more likely to spend the time training for IQ tests, which is shown to increase results.   

       Unfortunately sanity, ethics and virtually all other criteria for social acceptance are completely subjective. Any arbitration of good taste is likely to be stormed by the very people the arbiters are seeking to reign in, seeking to assume that role.
Aristotle, Jun 11 2001, last modified Jun 13 2001


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