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Emergency 'alibi' button for porn sites

Press the button if someone walks in and the site becomes innocuous
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To protect their users, pages on porn sites could include an easy- to-click emergency button which will instantly cut all images and sound and transform the site into a harmless-looking fake web page, such as 'ideal romantic gifts for your partner'.

The button would avoid panicked clicking of the maddeningly small 'close browser' button and remove all trace of incriminating content until the coast is clear. The facility will also, of course erase all trace of the site from the browser history.

TheBamforth, Jun 08 2021


       Easier to have another window open (full screen, obvs) with the "innocuous"; Alt-Tab is pretty fast to hit (or have the porn NOT full-screen, so you can click the innocuous window "behind" it). Most browsers have an "Incognito" option for browsing without leaving a history trail.
(Could be worse: back in the day, ads on porn sites could open a new window themselves. A page might have 2 or 3 of these, and the page that opened might as well. So you could get a cascade of windows opening; my record was 40- something...)
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 08 2021

       This is well baked in many different contexts. I remember I used to read a business chat and insider information discussion forum; prominent on each page was the "boss" button which instantly replaced the entire website with a convincing looking spreadsheet. This would be maybe 15 years ago.
pocmloc, Jun 08 2021

       Can you have an emergency porn pop up button so when people walk by and try to snoop on what you're doing you can switch from those routing tables you're working on to a disgusting porn site so they'll mind their own damned business in the future?
doctorremulac3, Jun 08 2021

       Have you ever considered simply getting a girlfriend who shares your interests instead? then you wouldn't need this would you, of course if you're doing this at work that's another issue for which my sympathy though perhaps not entirely non- existent is definitely of a somewhat diminished nature.
Skewed, Jun 08 2021

       There may be a market for the reverse of this: i.e. you're supposed to be looking at porn but are unable to resist the temptation to check your online bank statements or to chart your household energy usage in Excel. In this case you need Excel or your web browser to have an emergency button which hides these boring graphs and columns of numbers and fills the screen with hardcore porn.
hippo, Jun 10 2021

       Great minds think alike.
doctorremulac3, Jun 10 2021

       oops, yes
hippo, Jun 10 2021

       My former boss at Applied Materials was fresh out of school, working for the army on a VAX in unix with a green text-only mainframe screen, creating reports from a database, never even thinking of playing with the computer.   

       She worked in a room that was rarely accessed by any of the senior staff. She told me that one day somebody told her about a stupid game that could be played on the VAX and during the lunch recess she gave a peek. No sooner had the game screen come up, and her boss walked in.
pashute, Jun 11 2021

       Wasn't maze wars was it [pash]?
Skewed, Jun 13 2021


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