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Divorce an Idea

Let your baby fly the nest.
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As I mentioned in Adopt an Idea<link> I think a common problem is that once an idea is posted and in the public domain of HB it is very easy for the anno's to lead it in a completely different direction and eventually your innocent little idea is the spark for a horrible and ugly slanging match.

Or perhaps you have decided that it is a bad idea after all but it has generated too many annos for it to be fair to delete it.

My solution is the 'divorce' button next to the delete button. This removes your name from the idea and allows it to be 'picked up' by someone else who may now wish to champion the idea.

etherman, Jul 02 2004

Adopt-an-idea http://www.halfbake.../idea/Adopt-an-Idea
[etherman, Oct 05 2004]


       good idea maybe better to have a ghost user to whom divorced ideas are attributed, one of the potential down sides is that certain people may treat it as an excuse to post offencive ideas.
engineer1, Jul 02 2004

       offencive ideas would be deleted by the moderators. it would have to be checked regularly for the idea you stated.
etherman, Jul 02 2004

       sorry DrCurry I accidentally (if rather ironically) deleted your anno, in which you declared that such ideas as described in my idea above should just be deleted as there 'is nothing special about the anno's.'   

       I beg to differ. Often the annos are the most informative and creative aspects of this website. I realise purists like yourself worry about 'noise level' etc. but i happen to think the discussions on here are the best bit of HB.   

       Now about that deleting annos warning....
etherman, Jul 02 2004

       Mark it for deletion and let the moderator(s) decide if the annotations are priceless?
half, Jul 02 2004

       but the point is you DONT want it to be deleted. you just dont want your name on it any more.
etherman, Jul 02 2004

       ...what? If bakers give an idea some bad annos, delete them and keep the ones that are priceless.
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 02 2004

       Another Alan Smithee idea.
philmckraken, Jul 05 2004

       I don't believe in deleting anno's unless that are really offencive. a la <godisdead>
etherman, Jul 05 2004

       I support this. Even a bad example or idea is a good thing to have, because it sets a precedent. If somone else comes up with the same idea later, they can look back in the archives, find the old idea, realize its lousy, and not post it. Conversely, if it is posted, peole can refer back to the precedent as justification why the new one is a bad idea (and a duplicate).   

       Still, it'd be nice to have your name taken off of something really stupid, if you have a lapse in sense and post it.
5th Earth, Jul 05 2004

       I'd greatly prefer the 'something really stupid' was just deleted.
waugsqueke, Jul 05 2004

       Ideas, like mistakes are the only things truly ours.
Oo I got a shiver.

       Would this not be, ultimately, the same as posting anonymously?
half, Jul 05 2004

       not necessarily. you can still have your name on the idea, but also I would advocate (oops) that the divorced ideas can be taken on by someone else who will attatch their name to it and perhaps answer any further anno's in support of an idea.   

       so when your having a slow day and no ideas are coming you can cruise the HB ideas single bar for divorced ideas, pick one up and fight for the idea like it was yours all along.
etherman, Jul 06 2004

       A slow day would not feel to me like a week had gone past and I no longer recognize the place.
dpsyplc, Jul 06 2004

       oh dear... pass the prozac.
etherman, Aug 11 2004

       There's nothing to stop you picking up an idea that's still married and having a brief, torrid fling of passionate advocacy. Before dropping it like the cheap tramp it was, and skulking home to your ever-faithful Dalai Lama Door Stop.
spacemoggy, Aug 11 2004

       //I'd greatly prefer the 'something really stupid' was just deleted.// But then I'd not have any ideas at all...
shapu, Aug 11 2004

       Aw, come on, [shapu], don't be like that, what about...

(Checks [shapu]'s personal page)

Wow. You're right. They'd pretty much all go, wouldn't they?
spacemoggy, Aug 11 2004

       The world isn't ready for me yet. But give it time...yes...excellent...
shapu, Aug 11 2004

       yes the dalai lama has seen me thru many a long lonely night... and not many can boast that.   

       but now and then he gets on my tits!!! and maybe I'd like to divorce him... just for a bit.
etherman, Aug 11 2004

       // and skulking home to your ever-faithful Dalai Lama Door Stop.//   

       It appears that recently the DLDS has been nothing but a cheap whore.
etherman, Oct 20 2004

       + I'm for this one but I could see how it could be overused/ abused. Perhaps a limit on the number of times you can divorce per month, or a waiting period whereby if no one adopts the idea it defaults back to you adding salt to the wound.
Cubical_View, Oct 20 2004

       maybe you'd have to pay a forfit. like loosing buns off your best idea.
etherman, Oct 20 2004

       In fairness it should get half your dough. More if you've been playing around with new ideas.
Worldgineer, Oct 20 2004

       and you loose all your custard (y) rights.
etherman, Oct 20 2004

yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 20 2004


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