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Condiment Wars

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Full fledged condiment war, with pepper spray, salt grenades, paprika shotguns, relish booby traps, and of course, the cream of the crop and deciding factor of which team you're on, ketchup/mustard squirt guns.

Based on blissmiss' anno (Thank you!)

DesertFox, May 31 2004

Condiment War with Paintball http://www.madagasc...m/condimentwar.html
[xandram, Jun 30 2006]


       This is just childish, McDonalds could offer it with a kids meal. "Every bag contains a squirtgun loaded with ketchup or mustard."
kbecker, Jun 01 2004

       ...And afterwards this is where the Cleaner Tank comes in. +
sartep, Jun 01 2004

       It's all fun and games until someone whips out the 'ol blue-veined junket gun....
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 01 2004

       Wasabi gas!
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 01 2004

       [Desertfox] I can't believe you didn't suggest Condiment Wars with Paintballs! [see link]
xandram, Jun 30 2006


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