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Exploding Cakes R Us

Great for childrens parties, not so good for weddings
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This has certainly been baked (I was a victim of one myself), but not on a commercial scale.

The cake is, on first inspection, like any other. Except that it contains an explosive device. The base is lined with tin foil, and when the knife makes contact with the foil - kaboom! No casualties, but cake all over the walls, ceiling and guests. Great fun.

I would like to see this sort of entertainment made available to the masses. You could order your cake with whatever decoration you wanted (Thomas the Tank Engine etc.), after all, it is pretty much a normal cake.

<Consumer Advice> I've lost touch with the genius who created these, and don't know the steps involved in the creation. If anyone thinks they know how to make such a cake (which would be safe), please contact me. </Consumer Advice>

jtp, Nov 15 2006

Bombe Surprise http://en.wikipedia...iamonds_are_Forever
[Loris, Nov 15 2006]


       //This has certainly been baked//   

       hehe [+]
skinflaps, Nov 15 2006

       I would use a reservior under the cake pressurised to say 100PSI, hooked up to a solenoid controlled diaphragm valve. When the knife completes the circuit between two layers of foil, the valve opens and SPLAT!   

       The advantage being there is no dangerous pyrotechnic device.
Custardguts, Nov 16 2006


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