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Confederate Flag Redesign

If you can't get rid of it, change it
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The traditional confederate flag is controversial, growing more so every day. Yet there are those who still like it for its cultural meaning aside from any racial undertones.

I propose designing a modified confenderate flag which incorporates subtle new elements, or color shifts, or adjustments to the layout which will represent the "I like the new confederate flag, not what the old one stands for." Maybe the stars are alternating black and white, or something meaningful. This way, stores can keep selling it, people can keep using it, government buildings can keep flying it, all with the understanding that the redesign has an important meaning... supporting the spirit of freedom some see in the flag, ditching the racial baggage it carries.

More of a social engineering feat than a design issue. I'm not emotionally attached to this issue but feel like a simple redesign could temper passions.

napoleonbag, Jun 24 2015


       I'm sorry, but the "I like it for the culture" argument is junk. There are some very nice things about Southern culture and history. But that flag very specifically represents a period where a rather nasty war was fought in an attempt to maintain a rather nasty institution.   

       And it was revived specifically as a symbol of racism during the civil rights era.   

       There is no possible use of the flag that is not inherently tied up with those issues, except, possibly, displaying it on memorials to the soldiers of the confederate army, most of whom weren't involved in the decision making.
MechE, Jun 24 2015

       Combining the main text with what [MechE] wrote, it might be possible to design a Southern flag based on other classic Southern cultural icons. It could feature a hygrometer showing 99% humidity, a thermometer showing a 40C temperature, and the malaria microbe.
Vernon, Jun 24 2015

       Nobody flies the Nazi flag besides skinheads. Millions died for its cause.
RayfordSteele, Jun 24 2015

       All good points. I was thinking along the lines of a "take back" campaign, which has worked with certain words and images in the past, but not for others obviously (the nazi flag). I'm afraid that by outlawing a symbol, you give it more power. By redesigning you deflect the energy and ease people away from wielding it.
napoleonbag, Jun 24 2015

       Oh, don't get me wrong. I don't want to ban it, I fully support the right of individuals to fly it (just not on public property).   

       After all, one of the advantages of free speech is that it allows bigots and morons to self identify.
MechE, Jun 24 2015

       [+] if you can identify a part of the flag that signifies "darkies in the cotton fields, while us cultured folks sip mint juleps" and change the colour or something to signify "Mexican migrant workers in the cotton fields, while us cultured folks sip mint juleps".   

       Or not. I've no dog in that race. But there's probably plenty of ancestrally-slaves that enjoy mint julep or, humans being humans, may see it as a symbol of class distinction but this time they're on the "right" side of the line.
FlyingToaster, Jun 24 2015

       Wouldn't it just be another sign to blacks that they are unwelcome/unrespected there?   

       I mean, who would bother to adopt this other than those who wish to tell the black people, "We're better than you."   

       Yes, I'm with MechE, that we want them to identify as the morons/racists they are, so we can treat them accordingly. We just don't want our government to adopt those views in any way.   

       Just like we wouldn't want our government to have a sign out front saying, "I love bananas, esp. shoved up my arse!". But, we let you put that sign in your yard if you wish.
sophocles, Jun 24 2015

       You can design any kind of flag you wish, give it a name, but it won't be the flag of the confederacy. That flag belongs in the Museum of US history.
dentworth, Jun 26 2015

       USA americans are flag crazy. As one I can picture in my head several flags of country and states. There are special crimes for burning flags here. Our national anthem worries about the flag. If the flag is gone, so might the hopes of creating a nation.   

       I very much doubt that citizens of most other countries can recall, draw out their flags, or care very much about their flag. Depends on their history.   

       This to shall pass.
popbottle, Jun 27 2015

       Change it or dilute it? Diluting, thousands of similar but slightly different designs, would be be the only way to lose meaning.
wjt, Jun 27 2015


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