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Confounding Confetti

Clings convincingly
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There is a type of plastic wrapping that I cannot seem to remove from my hands: it clings first to one, then the other and, even if vigorously shaken, it stubbornly remains.
So a devious person could make confetti out of this, perhaps with a nice colour.
Ling, Jul 04 2006

Shot-fun shells by [notmarkflynn] Shot-fun_20Shells
[methinksnot, Jul 04 2006]


       Fired, of course, with a popper.
Ling, Jul 04 2006

       Or a shotgun.
methinksnot, Jul 04 2006

       awesome <flicks fingers>   

       <damn it, flicks some more>
po, Jul 04 2006

       It's a static electricity effect, btw.
DrCurry, Jul 04 2006

       i can see problems with inhalation and suffocation as a result of this. bun anyway!
tcarson, Jul 05 2006

       How can you inhale it if it's stuck to your fingers?! This stuff would be safer than regular confetti in that respect.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2006

       [drcurry] i mean when it's shot out of a popper, it will be in the air, and then you could inhale it.
tcarson, Jul 05 2006

       fuck, its on my shoe...
po, Jul 05 2006

       Are you OK, there, po?
<unsuccessfully tries to wipe a handful of confetti off onto po's arm>
Ling, Jul 06 2006

       Didn't you hear her? It's on her fucking shoe!
methinksnot, Jul 06 2006

       Well, now it's on her fucking arm as well.   

       <Hee! Hee!> I wrote a naughty word. <Hee! Hee!> I'm a big boy now!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 06 2006

       Damn, now I've got it on my arm too.
normzone, Jul 06 2006

       Yer wanking arm, you mean.
neelandan, Jul 06 2006

       No, my wanking arm isn't usually the one that it gets on.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 06 2006

       One could devise a strippers act in which the stripper was clothed entirely in such confetti. On standing on a charged plate, all confetti would suddenly fly off in a cloud.   

       In fact, two strippers might stand side by side. With opposite charges imparted, they would change outfits through the air.
bungston, Jul 06 2006

       [bungston] - LOL - you should add that as a new idea. I just love the image you've conjured up there. Perhaps this could made into some kind of wrestling-based sport.I can't think how.
ooooooooo, Jul 06 2006


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