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Bluetooth TV

TVs the broadcast audio to bluetooth headsets
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I have always wished for headphones for TVs so I could crank up the volume without disturbing neighbors or other people in my house. Of course a wired headphone would be inconvinient so the headphones would be wireless. Also, having two headphones could boost PIP's functionality because two people could watch AND listen to seperate channels at the same time.

Just yesterday, I saw someone with a bluetooth headset and it hit me: why make consumers buy wireless headphones when a lot of people already have wireless bluetooth headsets?

I propose TV manufactorers, in addition to built in speakers, instal the technology to broadcast audio to bluetooth headsets.

Are there any reasons why a TV couldn't do this? The technology wouldn't be that expensive to put in TVs, would it? And what is bluetooth's range?

billybob5982, Sep 27 2006

Wireless Headphones (IR, RF, UHF) http://audiovisual....nal_headphones.html
Not Bluetooth - but that doesn't matter, does it? I'm pretty sure there'll be Bluetooth headphones too. [Jinbish, Sep 28 2006]


       My dad had a headphone TV set way back in the 70s. It wasn't wireless... but I still don't understand how blue teeth are supposed to help with hearing.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 28 2006


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