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Constellation Alarm Clock

a foolproof alarm clock constellation to help you start your day
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A configurable network of satellite alarms that lead you to a destination before allowing you to shut off the alarm.

A "Master Clock" is kept at the normal bedside location. A network of up to 5(just picking a number here any number is possible) additional mini satellite clocks, Which are linked wirelessly to the master clock, can then be placed anywhere desired within range of the master clock(say 100 feet) The system can then be set to operate in several modes,

1)as a traditional alarm clock(satellite clocks not used)

2)as a drag you out of bed clock where upon alarming all clocks sound and you have to hit the snooze or off button on the master clock and on all the satellite clocks before the alarm will shut off on any of them.

3) as a sequential lead me alarm clock where upon alarming the master clock and the 1st satellite clock on the path alarm at the same time, upon pressing the snooze or off button on both the master and the 1st satellite those alarms will cease and the 2nd satellite will begin to alarm, and so on to the third and forth and fifth.

4) As a Random mix alarm clock where they function the same as in 3 above but instead of leading the way in a particular sequence they operate in a random pattern that changes each time(for those of us who figure out how to shut off clocks while still asleep)

Possible approachs to using this system include, placing satellite clocks on a path to, for example, the bathroom or coffee pot, or for the more extreme snoozers among us in the garage or even in the garden shed, in middle of the pool, on your dogs collar or inside a locked cabinet so you have to be awake to shut it off.

The beautiful thing is that since it is a wireless network the satellites can be literally anywhere where they can recieve a signal, they can be battery powered or wired and can be rearraged at will. The possibilities are endless.

Also the satellite clocks could have replacable skins to match any decor, even water/weatherproof skins for more extreme applications.

With this system you will never be late to that important meeting again.

jhomrighaus, Feb 22 2006


       I wasn't too sure about this idea to begin with. The title had me picturing some sort of esoteric clock adjustment protocol for keeping accurate time, like those alarm clocks that pick up a radio signal from your local atomic clock. One of which I own. The alarm clock that is, not the atomic one. Sadly there isn't an atomic clock nearby so it's pretty pointless really, apart from waking me up in the morning.   

       After reading the first two paragraphs I thought to myself, "wait a minute here, isn't this just like normal alarm clocks?".   

       Your third point just confused me further but then point four, //they operate in a random pattern that changes each time(for those of us who figure out how to shut off clocks while still asleep)// had me exclaiming (in a questioning manner) "Eureka! where's my towel?" as I too have mastered the subtle art of resetting alarm clocks while still asleep.   

       //in middle of the pool// had me 'deeply' worried. Are you hatching some diabolical plot to drown hapless sleeping-alarmclock-disablers in their own pool? The perfect crime, I must admit.   

       After all that, a bun for you, mostly for the random sequence bit and partly for the evil genius bit!
Salmon Of Doubt, Feb 24 2006

       Thank you for the observations, I have edited Items 2 and 3 so that perhaps their functions will be somewhat clearer.
jhomrighaus, Feb 25 2006


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