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Friend Alarm

Social networking for sleepy people
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Alarm clocks are linked to the internet and can be paired with friends that get up at the same time as you. In the mormimg when the alarm goes off, a voip call is initiated between all your linked friends that lasts until all the alarms have been turned off. The switch on the top of each alarm turns off one of the other alarms (randomly assigned each morning).

If there only two people, this might not be so bad- your friend wakes up, turns your alarm off, and shouts abuse at you until you turn his off. When you start adding more people, however, you get the situation where nobody knows who hasn't switched their alarm off, and it becoms a sleep-deprived murder mystery, with shouted accusatons and threats and tested friendships.

Either that or everyone quickly sorts their alarms out and makes a mutual decision to go back to sleep.

erenjay, Feb 10 2014




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