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The Alarm Clock Interlock

Hooray for waking up!
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The peace of Gerald's sleep was shattered like a polycrystalline structure under a large tensile force. The beeping of the alarm clock could not be ignored, and he rolled over ungracefully and switched it off. "Just a few more minutes," he thought to himself. "Then I'll ge-"

Again! That incessant beeping! "Fine!" - Gerald, once more, rolled over and unplugged the alarm clock...

...Which set off the smoke detectors. A chorus of beeping penetrated the house as Gerald stumbled around his bedroom, frantically trying to pull his pyjama pants on over his head. Ensconced in sheets and pants (almost), he stumbled into the bathroom, where the Stage Two button awaited him, gleaming smugly underneath the taps in the shower.

Five minutes later the hot water cut out and the alarms again cut in, and Gerald remembered, with somewhat uncharitable thoughts, the Stage Three button waiting for him next to the toaster.

Detly, Feb 07 2005

Good Mornin' Radio Alarm Clock Good_20Mornin_27_20Radio_20Alarm_20Clock
Combine it with this, and it can be nice to you too. [Detly, Feb 10 2005]


       choose your own proletariat adventure!
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       I love the idea, I'd hate to have it in my house. [+]
Machiavelli, Feb 11 2005


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