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the ONLY alarm clock that makes SURE your'e up
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basically, this is a webcam pointing at your bed. at the time your'e supposed to wake up, it starts webcasting on the I'm-up site. your computer is connected to large speakers in your room. so people around the world can send you alarm sounds ,preset recordings , or even yell at you in their own voice! (fun fun) this could be accessable to anyone, or maybe a workmate or family (mom!),or just your secretary at the office...

advantage: for people like me, who constantly find ways to go back to sleep...

just don't sleep naked..

supershnitzel, Aug 20 2004

Shoot my Trespassers .com http://www.halfbake...respassers_20_2ecom
Another webcam idea that involves potential global participation to solve a problem. [Aristotle, Oct 04 2004]


       And if everyone else is still asleep? Nobody is going to gork at me in my teddy jim jams.   

       I find a Rooster works fine next to your bed or even on the end of it.
skinflaps, Aug 20 2004

       some may have mislaid it.
po, Aug 20 2004

       //And if everyone else is still asleep?//   

       There's always someone awake, on the internet and very bored.
harderthanjesus, Aug 20 2004

       This is quite funny.   

       You'll be woken up in Chinese, Swedish, and every other language all at the same time :)
phundug, Aug 20 2004

       This will be a fine companion to "Are-You-Still-Up--Go-To-Bed.com"
Amos Kito, Aug 20 2004

       Very good. I'd just want a little red light on the camera to tell me when I'm on the air. I would also seriously benefit from [Amos]'s Are-You-Still-Up--Go-To-Bed.com.
Etymon, Aug 20 2004


       When I was in uni, the campus radio station for some strange reason decided to play the theme from the tv show "All in the Family" on the hour when I was set to wake up from it.   

       If that song won't wake you up (and I'm tough to wake up), I think nothing will..   

       great idea, by the way.
adamosity, Aug 20 2004

       Bit of a privacy issue, but it made me laugh. (+)
Freefall, Aug 20 2004

       [adam]: "And you knew where you WERRRRRRRRRE THENNNNNNNN!"
phundug, Aug 20 2004

       [phundug] girls were girls and men were men....   

       (and i'm quoting from the song, this is not my personal opinion!)   

       lyrics of the song for the ones who never were fortunate enough to hear this at 9am on a saturday morning:   

adamosity, Aug 20 2004

       Definitely one of the best TV theme songs ever.   

       (P.S. [Adam] I read the top entry in your blog, and I agree with bowling being in the olympics, but I feel that it should be combined with gymnastics to make it less repetitive (e.g. do a double flip somersault and release the ball at the same time-- score is the pins knocked over times degree of difficulty)
phundug, Aug 20 2004

       the only logical problem i can see with that is the ability to do gymnastics lugging an extra sixteen pounds...   

       i've got it.   

       mix bowling and curling. the approach is ice.   

       there. that does it. :)
adamosity, Aug 20 2004


       3.2, 3.1, oh! a 3.5 from the israeli judge...2.5 from the us judge, ugh...   

       wait, that's figure skating. same concept though ;)   

       in this case, food should just wake bubu up. no fancy screams needed!   

       I'm off to buy more food (and attempt not to do gymnastics or bowling with it in hand!)--is your email working, <bwv61>? I wrote earlier and I'm not sure if it, in fact, is.
adamosity, Aug 20 2004

       /Some may find it hard./ Rods, in case you worried no-one got your not so subtle joke... you may gnaw a crumb off the bun I bestow on [shnitz].
bungston, Aug 20 2004

       How to become a morning person:   

       Force yourself to get up. Immediately do 5-10 pushups, or maybe some jumping jacks, etc. Only about 3-4 minutes should do the trick.   

       Repeat for a week or two. You'll find yourself waking up nearly instantly, with all kinds of energy, and your metabolism will skyrocket. No coffee even needed. Repeat for 2 weeks, and you'll find yourself wanting to continue indefinitely.
RayfordSteele, Aug 22 2004

       Sleeping naked, I think I'll pass on this one.
DrCurry, Aug 22 2004

       I sleep naked, but generally *under* the covers. Plus I'd really benefit from an alarm clock that I could explain things to. Like why I'm going back to sleep.
wagster, Aug 22 2004

       [Rayford], why would anyone want to give up the best part of the morning--hating to get up?   

       Ahhhhhh, I could hear the collective gasp heard around the world now...when I finally roll out of bed and all the waker-uppers(?) see me on my webcam in all my just-woken up glory. At least that would make me run to the bathroom a lot quicker.
Machiavelli, Aug 22 2004

       What if you talk in your sleep? You're darkest secrets revealed on the internet, ouch. Of course, I have no dark secrets, ahaha!
harderthanjesus, Aug 23 2004

       //Sleeping naked//   

       You don't need a webcam. That's the least workable part of the idea. The voices are all that's necessary.   

       It's a fun idea, but I'm neutral on it. It's cool, but -- would you depend on your PC as an alarm clock?
- Speakers pick up interference. I woke up late one night to a trucker's CB radio broadcast. Guess how often I leave amplified speakers on in my bedroom now.
- This idea of course only works with "always-on connections", ruling out the majority of home users. That is, unless you expect your PC to dial up automatically just before the alarm.
- You really won't know if it's all set up right, until you're supposed to get up. What a time to test it.
- It involves high bandwidth and heavy system resources. Try to do a long-distance 2-way video chat, and you'll know why multiple viewers will severely bog it down. Voice will break up, too. You'll have visitors yelling at a frozen frame long after you've gotten out of bed. Power, internet, or PC problems will likely kill your alarm. At the very least, a "sound-only option" should be available.
- PC sound is adjustable (see first point). If you forget to un-mute, turn the speakers on, or check the sound level, you're out of luck.
- After all of the above, you need reliable people to visit your "Im-Up Alarm", and they need to make noise.
- You will probably need software, servers, and wake-up-call personnel.

       A clock that can download sounds might work. You could have an "Im-Up File" site, where people send sounds, mix them, and post for a vote. The best ones would be available for download. If visitors can select Wav files for you, and record their own, sending it to your clock, you could wake to a custom alarm. The clock can have an indication that it's ready, before you go to bed (so the actual sound is still a surprise). The service will need a way to analyze the sound, to be sure it's suitable as a wake-up call. If not, it would then default to an internal alarm.
Amos Kito, Aug 23 2004

       Another song that could wake anyone up...   

       REM: "Get up"--it was from the Green album (yes, I'm showing my age here..)
adamosity, Aug 23 2004

       Thanks for the laugh. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Aug 24 2004

       If I sleep in only an hour later, I get half as much done that day, and spend the rest of the day feeling groggy. And I feel more tired the day after.
RayfordSteele, Aug 24 2004

       This is actually a very good idea, in the sense that people would use it and it would be all the rage for a few months. Who wouldn't love to wake up complete strangers in almost any manner you choose?   

       There is little privacy issue, because it is voluntary and activated by the user, much like turning on an alarm clock. It entertains others, and I'm sure attractive women will find some way to cash in on it.   

       I'm sure users could toggle various options allowing or forbidding various modes of interaction... for example, limiting wake up calls only to streamed MP3s put in by other users, or only to a set of alarms available on the site, etc-- although this is less enjoyable, it still provides entertainment.   

       Bandwidth is the problem.
mraxehandle, Apr 23 2006


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