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Continuous Intoxication

Be high all the time
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Find the gene in cannabis that produces THC. Splice it into E.coli (the common bacteria that inhabits everyones gut). Contaminate yourself. The E.coli exudes THC and you now have a continuous stream of THC entering your system, making you high as if you had eaten cannabis. If you want to stop, take Tetracycline to kill off the E.Coli, and restore the normal E.coli from yogurt.
jtgd, Jul 19 2002


       I find just popping along to the off'ie works fine for me
po, Jul 19 2002

       I'll take it! Croissant from me, although it is half eaten (I had the munchies)
Mr Burns, Jul 19 2002

       You make it sound so simple.   

       Any cures for cancer, perchance?
drew, Jul 19 2002

       Mix yogurt with cancer cells. Yogurt creates anti-cancer antibodies. Eat yogurt. If desire to have cancer returns, simply take antibiotics to kill off anti-cancer antibodies.   

       You still get the croissant, because that idea is more elaborate than anything I ever thought up while baked.. well, except for some whack-ass bongs
Mr Burns, Jul 19 2002

       perma bake? Sign me up!   

       Let me know when the clinical trials start, jtgd
Mr Burns, Jul 19 2002


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