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Contrabass Jawharp

with artificial mouth
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An extremely large jaw harp mounted on a large trash can whose lid has been cut away in the center to mimic the shape of lips. Inside the trash can is a plunger mounted by a lever to a pedal for controlling the resonant frequency of the can the same way your tongue does on a smaller jaw harp.

Or you could just play the big ass thing with your mouth and knock all your teeth out.

bleh, Nov 16 2006

jaw harp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaw_harp
in case you didnt play wth one of these as a kid. [bleh, Nov 16 2006]


       We didn't call them that, but I guess the old name is not politically correct any more. +
DrCurry, Nov 16 2006

       yea, the wikipedia page has the etymology and alternate names.
bleh, Nov 17 2006


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