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DJ4KID system

To keep angry DJ kiddys happy! (As well as your purse!)
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There is two items for this idea to work.


The turntable

(Optional) - an instruction manual


What is it? It is a super cheap budget Computer DJ system so that people like cash starved students, can explore the fun world of mixing and scratching.

The main part of this system is the turntable, which is essentially a flat wooden board, with a free spinning turntable/vinyl on top of it. To use this board with the software, you should place and lock your mouse on a side of the scratching disk. The mouse is held in place by a simple clamp, to keep the mouse is as close as possible to the surface of the vinyl. The surface of the vinyl that the mouse head would travel around feels rough, and contains contrasting patterns so that it works well with both ball and optical types of mouse.

The turntable is then used like a normal turntable, by spinning the board, which can spin freely via the use of low friction ball bearing.

The software then interprets the motion of the mouse to scratch the music. However when you want to use the cross fader, by pressing tab, or a key, (Or event the mouse button) the turntable no longer controls the scratching. Instead it is controlling the Crossfader, Volume control, or even song selection.

And so that brings us, a incredible way to make new songs without killing our purse.

The turntable would not cost $400 - $1500 now, but instead can be as cheap as $20 and still be high quality. This ensures the increase appreciation of the world of music to newbies as well as their parents.

mofosyne, Aug 19 2006


       On looking back, i could try making a picture to make it easy to understand...   

       Too bad i don't have any drawing skill, nor the place to put it.   

       Anybody who can help with that minor hitch would be greatly appreciate.
mofosyne, Aug 19 2006

       [m-f-d] baked. So baked. Look up teminator-x for linux and various manufacturers make prebuilt ones. Hercules is one brand.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 19 2006

       You mean the software or the turntable,   

       If it is the software, then yes it is overbaked.   

       However this idea focus on the turntable, which has the minimal of parts. This is because it is essentially just a spinning disk, on top of a board with a holder for the computer's mouse.(that is used to hold it over the vinyl/disk.)   

       The elimination of all electronic from the turntable, and the use of the mouse as scratching input, helps to keep the cost down to dirt cheap.   

       Of course making such system affordable for starving students.   

       But anyway thanks for the comment.
mofosyne, Aug 19 2006

       How about having the mouse on a swing arm (a length of wood with a screw through a hole in the end) so it can be moved like the arm of a record player. Moving this from side to side would change the position within and between tracks.
spidermother, Aug 19 2006

       Scratching input? That doesn't make any sense.
ldischler, Aug 19 2006

       Why bother with the mouse? This look s like a job for... phidgets! (can't be bothered to provide link; just google it)
moomintroll, Aug 19 2006


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