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Controlled live looper

Make live music by finely tweaking and "keyboarding" the recorded and live loops
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Most songs today (as opposed to classical concert music of yore) are between 3 to 5 minutes long, start off slowly, move up to speed, pause every now and then, change pitch a bit, build up the power and end spectacularly.

Live and recorded loopers only know how to replay the loops, and choose which ones to mute as the music progresses.

I propose an extra controlling interface (on the side) which will allow you to move it up half a tone in the next round, do a "speed up" or "slow down", add "fill in" loops automatically at the appropriate sections, and allow you to have "sections" and versions of the music (up on top): Prefix, Opening verse, Chorus, Main, Secondary, Ending and which version for each.

You select the parts to be played in the next rounds, or directly control what is immediately being heard.

Also, with you left-hand fingers you can dynamically control the performance, while with your right hand you control a selected musical instruments and musical "styles", one at a time, or together.

I envision (if that's the correct term for music) an app that by moving your fingers along the interface, would cause the currently playing style to slightly change while holding the same chord, but putting emphasis or "improvising", giving a different emphasis on the beats, or changing the order of the tones.

pashute, May 12 2017


       I didn't hear of modstep. Looked at the videos and seems fantastic. But I couldn't find a simple "slow down" or style organizer.   

       You have to set it all up manually.   

       IMHO Blockwave is more for making weird new types of music. Even more so React and the likes of it (Reactable by Gersound)   

       The intention is to create a new kind of "keyboard music arranger" with an advanced and compact interface instead of a "keyboard".   

       Launchpad is external, I want something in the app itself   

       Basically a live BIAB with a better and clearer less cluttered interface, more flexibility and automation, and better defaults.
pashute, May 14 2017

       Chordbot for the iPad and Android has some of what you are suggesting.
lepton, May 14 2017


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