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Cool Laptop, Hot Coffee

Heat exchanger for cooling laptop, and keeping Coffee Hot
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This is a "standard" Laptop cooling pad, with a slight modification. Winding through the pad is a tube, filled with water, this tube leaves the cooling pad and then loops through a hand held heating element, suitable for placing in my coffee cup. This water will (hopefully) puck up the waste heat from the laptop, and transfer it to my coffee. The element is covered by a removable and washable metal sleeve.
senatorjam, Feb 18 2010

Laptop Cooling Pad http://www.belkin.c...s?Product_Id=472610
[senatorjam, Feb 18 2010]

Coffee Cup Heater http://www.pinecree...M_J8CFZZg2godZg_3kw
[senatorjam, Feb 18 2010]


       Inclute a peltier element in there and you can get proper hot coffee... there are even high temperature peltier elements which are capable of up to 225C now.
bs0u0155, Feb 18 2010

       The sequel to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" [+]
hippo, Feb 18 2010

       Would the cooling effect be improved by "Two Cups of Coffee"?
gnomethang, Feb 18 2010

       You'll need a switch to short out the lithium battery in your laptop--only in that way will you generate enough heat to get your coffee hot enough.
ldischler, Feb 18 2010

       Conventional heat exchangers won't work nearly well enough for this idea to work, and I don't think you want water as your transfer medium. I suspect you could boil some volatile gas inside super-tiny tubes that interface inside the laptop and condense it around the mug, however.
daseva, Feb 18 2010

       as long as it keeps the coffee from getting really cold, it could be considered to have met a need. The worse thing is to leave your coffee in an airconditioned room, and when you pick it up, it is as cold as ice.
senatorjam, Feb 18 2010

       Could the cooling generated by a peltier element that gets up to 225 on one side be useful for overclocking?
ye_river_xiv, Feb 18 2010


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