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Coordinated Nation-wide Black Out Effort

Turn Everything You Have On at The Same Time
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I missed the New York Black out which is still annoying me. Apparantly the grid system is fundamentally weak. We could create a nationwide black-out just by turning everything on at the same time. Lights, a/c, electric stoves -- run a search for * on your computer. Together we can achieve the possible.
Floppo, Oct 07 2003

Finally, something to do between blackouts. http://205.243.100....hrinkergallery.html
Shrink coins and crush soda cans with high-power electromagnets. [Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]


       How about flashlights?
FarmerJohn, Oct 07 2003

       Yeah, and rubbing balloons on your jumper then sticking them to the wall.
DrBob, Oct 07 2003

       Oh yeah. That last one was so much fun.
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2003

       This would have the added benefit of creating "National Blown Fuse" week, too.
the_knights_of_ni, Oct 07 2003

krelnik, Oct 07 2003

       It would be a bit like a flashmob, but without having to leave your house.
stupop, Oct 07 2003

       Ooh, running a search on your computer - that's going to use a lot of power.
I'll use the 240V 50A kiln in our garden shed.
hippo, Oct 07 2003

       That's the spirit - a bit of 'I can use electricity faster than you' one-upmanship.
stupop, Oct 07 2003

       < asks husband if we have something to compete with [hippo]. Husband shrugs and says, "unlikely." >   

bristolz, Oct 07 2003

       Heh! Time to trade up, bris.
DrBob, Oct 07 2003

       Yup, [bris] - the lights in our house dim noticably when the kiln's on. It takes about 12 hours to reach 1250ºC/2280ºF
hippo, Oct 07 2003

       i'll send out an rsvp to the terrorists.
doozer, Oct 07 2003

       Surely a nation-wide blackout could be more easily and cheaply created if everyone switched OFF all electrical appliances at the same time.   

       This is dumb.
squeak, Oct 08 2003


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