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Cordless Drill Rollerblade Adaptors

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Point 1. Due to a radical (100%) miscalculation, I have two identical battery-operated electric drills. They are both fairly normal, with a squeeze-trigger which progressively increases the speed.

Point 2. There are various battery-driven electric skate- type products. Most of them are very expensive.

Point 3. Flexible drives (consisting of a flexible core rotating inside a flexible sheath - as used by old-fashioned car speedometers) are cheap and simple.

Point 4. I also own a pair of rollerblades, which are seldom used because, frankly, they are only really good for going downhill on.

So. It should not be beyond the wit of man to produce a modified rollerblade wheel that engages with a flexible drive, which in turn has a hex-bit end that connects to a battery drill. Any rollerblade owner (such as my good elf) could then simply swap out the rear wheel on each roller blade for one of these modified wheel/drives. Then armed with two common battery drills, one in each hand, - gadulka! - propulsion is yours for the taking.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2015

US 4546841 http://www.google.c...u/patents/US4546841
Motor roller-skate [xaviergisz, Jan 12 2015]

His lordship, seventh picture down... http://collegetimes...s-wear-short-shorts
[normzone, Jan 13 2015]

Jamie Hyneman https://www.youtube...watch?v=YN8AOrDwH54
[evilpenguin, Jan 13 2015]

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       Re. [xavier]'s link - hmmm. The linked patent is sort of this, but also not. The patent seems to be for a complete drive unit, rather than for a simple modified wheel and flexible drive to be used with a drill.   

       Also, the patent drawings show 52 parts in considerable detail, whereas my invention has only two parts: replacement wheel; flexible drive. Also also, the patent idea seems to be properly worked out, whereas mine is not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2015

       I just posted to show that flexible shaft driven roller skates were possible (I had initially doubted whether a flexible shaft would be able to transmit enough torque).
xaviergisz, Jan 12 2015

       Ah. That is a good, and reassuring, point.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2015

       Sigh... So much Wile E. Coyote potential here. If only Chuck Jones had been alive during the battery drill era.   

       There is some matter of torque and speed balancing to work out.
RayfordSteele, Jan 13 2015


       1. Drills are worn in belt holsters, one on each hip.   

       2. Flexible drives run alongside legs - attachment bands may be necessary.   

       3. Drive mechanism clamps on outer sides of rollerblades, driving rearmost wheel by edge friction. Choice of sizes of drive wheel gives speed reduction and/or torque management.   

       4. Please post the You Tube video of this.
8th of 7, Jan 13 2015

       Don't the old kind of dentists drills use flexible drive shafts?
hippo, Jan 13 2015

       Baked. see link... good idea though
evilpenguin, Jan 13 2015

       Awesome link EP. I should've known Jamie would try something like this. But what happens when one battery runs a little flatter than the other?
RayfordSteele, Jan 13 2015

       One could test the concept by affixing a wheel (perhaps you have some extra) to the drill and then affixing the drill at an angle to the end of a long, gondolier-like pole. One should be able to wear unmodified rollerblades and use the pole and drill for propulsion.   

       Speed could be increased by pressing the pole and attached wheel more firmly against the ground. One would lean back, bracing the pole under ones arm and so forming a tripod. Braking would be done by reversing the pole, either by spinning the pole in your hands or swinging it quarterstaff-style across the body to the other side such that the wheel turns in the opposite direction.   

       I was not clear whether you intended to use both of your drills for this project. Presumably you need one for regular nonpropulsive drilling. But if both are to be used, you could attach them to forearm crutches and have one on each side. For double the speed.   

       If it turns out that the drills have inadequate torque to propel your bulk, you can quietly take apart the poles and your rollerblades will not bear evidence of this experiment.
bungston, Jan 13 2015

       I still looking for the video, but I remember Jamie Hyneman making these skates that used Drills he held in his hands that utilized flex shaft cables. The video I found must be another version of his.
evilpenguin, Jan 13 2015


       1. Drills are worn in belt holsters, one on each hip. // Yep.   

       //2. Flexible drives run alongside legs - attachment bands may be necessary. // Yep   

       //3. Drive mechanism clamps on outer sides of rollerblades, driving rearmost wheel by edge friction. Choice of sizes of drive wheel gives speed reduction and/or torque management.// Nope - requires too much additional hardware. I want a regular wheel (which can be used as such) but with a hex-style nut sticking out the side, that can be driven.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 13 2015

       // I want a regular wheel (which can be used as such) but with a hex-style nut sticking out the side, that can be driven. //   

       Unfortunately I think you'll need to modify your standard roller blades to make that work well. It's probably been more than a decade, but I once swapped wheels on my roller blades, and if I remember correctly, the bearings were embedded in the wheel with a 1/4" non-rotating shaft through the center connecting these to the skate frame. So it seems to me that to accomplish this, you'd need to have a coaxial shaft with the outside diameter = 1/4". That sounds like it might be a little weak for the job.   

       Of course the skates could me modified to move the bearing from the wheel to the frame and have a rotating axle with a hex head, but that would take significant customization of the skate. Definitely not a universal adapter.
scad mientist, Jan 13 2015

       hmm, afaik, drill motors are pretty puny. Flexible drives are pretty inefficient, as are roller blade wheels on anything other than perfectly flat surfaces. Also there's no mention of a clutch/freewheel arrangement, meaning that when you let go of the drill trigger, either the (roller blade) wheel locks up or the drill spins around in your hand.   

       However, rollerblade wheels are about 80mm in diameter, so about 250mm in circumference, 10mph is about 4.5 m/s meaning you'd need about 1000 rpm, which is right in cordless drill range, so you're in good shape there. You would need both hands in use at all times, meaning that a cheery wave would immediately spin you around your now immobile skate.   

       If I could suggest a modification or two... a cordless drill is about 5lb, the extra mechanicals about 2 lb, a pair of roller blades about 10lb and the requisite neon elbow armour another 1lb. so in the 20 lb range. By simply omitting the cordless drills, roller blades and all but two of the wheels I can see benefits in simplicity. Efficiency would increase if you made the wheels a lot bigger, pneumatic tires would add comfort and capability over uncooperative terrain. Standing is ungentlemanly, especially standing on top of large diameter wheels, so perhaps a framework, complete with a pleasingly waxed leather seat could be used to suspend the passenger between the wheels? Perhaps even the relatively high- tourque lower appendages might be used for propulsion? who knows.
bs0u0155, Jan 14 2015

       If someone were to make propellers that fit into drills... then you'd be onto something, with one in each hand you could pull yourself along like a latter-day DeHavilland Mosquito, or find a companion and be a Lancaster while whistling the Dambusters theme.
bs0u0155, Jan 14 2015

       ^ Merlins [+]   

       A backpack-worn leaf blower can provide a very useful amount of thrust to a cyclist ...
8th of 7, Jan 14 2015


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