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Coriolis Curling

with a cool bent...
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In the near-dark of the early morning, several bundled figures waddle out onto the icy lake. Far out in the middle, they divide into two groups.

One group drills a two-inch hole into the ice, and drops a tapered rod into the hole. A loop of rope is dropped over the top of the rod; the other end leads to the second group.

This group then starts up a noisy double-bladed circular saw, which is attached to the end of the rope. They begin traversing a circle, as though drawing on the ice with a giant compass.

The first group then begins marking out hacks, houses, and hog lines; soon a full regulation curling sheet is centered in the circle.

About the time they finish, the other group finishes their circle. Some of their number have already affixed a series of motors to the ice inside the circle, with rubber tires (with snow studs affixed) driven on shafts outside the cut slot.

Rolling bollards are placed at six locations around the slot, and the motors are started. Slowly, the huge ice sheet begins to rotate.

It's time to start.

lurch, Feb 24 2010

Ballistic Curling Ballistic_20Curling
[Max], I'm versioning on your idea, hope you don't mind [lurch, Feb 24 2010]


       Lurch, you are more than welcome. I think this is all fine, apart from the "slowly" bit towards the end.   

       It is going to take considerably more than the addition of a slightly-counterintuitive force to make curling entertaining. If we could get to the point where centripugal forces became significant, then perhaps you'd have something.   


       But I am slightly alarmed to note your au fait-ness with what I take to be curling terms.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2010

       The added skill of missing the turning motors when crossing the transition boundary on a throw.
wjt, Feb 24 2010

       Nice. Echoes of Parabolic Pool Table.
wagster, Feb 24 2010

       //your au fait-ness with what I take to be curling terms// - Wikipedia, 45 seconds.   

       And "Slowly,[...] begins" should be taken to mean acceleration, not final velocity.
lurch, Feb 24 2010

       I had an Aha! moment around the start of the 5th paragraph. For which: [+]
mouseposture, Feb 24 2010

       < ... waiting for someone to post "Orrerey Curling" ... >
hippo, Feb 25 2010

       I reckon the next orrery idea should be mercilessly attacked and boned, regardless of it's merits.
wagster, Feb 25 2010


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