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Vanatablack Snooker

introduce an extra black ball to the game of Snooker
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If you don't know what Vanatablack, it's best to look it up at this point. The idea here is to introduce it as an extra ball into the game of Snooker, with even more points attached to it than the regular black ball.

The reasoning here is that Vanatablack emits no reflections whatsoever, adding another level of difficulty to accurate targeting and impacting. Other simple games like Pool or Billiards could adopt the Vanatablack ball for the same reason and effect.

Note - to use in an art-work you have be Anish Kapoor.

xenzag, May 24 2016

Vanatablack https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vantablack
blacker than black [xenzag, May 24 2016]


tatterdemalion, May 24 2016

       Better to shuffle the colours somewhat. The colours would be brown, red, yellow, green, blue, pink (pink is the New Black) - not quite the E24 series s, but no matter - and the "reds" are now coated with Vantablack.   

       Now, that would be an interesting and challenging game ...
8th of 7, May 24 2016

AusCan531, May 24 2016

       Up the stakes: all balls and the table surface are Vantablack, with just a small white number on each ball for identification (white dot for cueball). If you are lucky, the ID will be visible from where you are standing to shoot.
neutrinos_shadow, May 24 2016


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