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Sports with a more webtastic twist.
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Imagine if you will, the World Series of Baseball. It's the bottom of the ninth, the game is tied. You are in left field (ha, you're crap). An ambidextrous hitter comes to the plate. The pitchers throws a wild curve ball, it is struck towards you. If you catch it, you'll have saved the team. It's a high it, looks like a home run, you run towards it and jump. You can't quite reach it, you shoot out a Spidey-web, and swing yourself higher, and just manage to catch the ball, all thanks to Spidey-Baseball.

I can see this as a great advantage in all sports, not just Baseball. Imagine the tricks you'll see performed in Spidey-Gymnastic, marvel (no pun intended) at the skill of the upside down slam dunk in Spidey-Basketball, revel in the glory of helping your Spidey-football/soccer win the cup, thanks to your webshot save.

Thats just the beginning of the fun of Spidey-sports. Just think what you could do.

[ sctld ], Feb 08 2002

WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR http://www.halfbake...orial/help.html#mfd
...and the film? Well, 'Gone with the Wind', obviously. [st3f, Feb 09 2002]

Web Shooter - Updated http://www.halfbake.../idea/Web_20Shooter
For True beleivers and pottedstu alike [[ sctld ], Feb 09 2002]


       Could cause problems when your rival snooker player casts a web over the pocket.
arora, Feb 08 2002

       And today in sports... here's Jim!
Oklahoma at Nebraska, 0-0. California at Washington, 0-0. *weeps* Utah at Colorado, 0-0...
thumbwax, Feb 08 2002

phoenix, Feb 08 2002

       climbing up the [high] walls in a squash court
technobadger, Feb 08 2002

       [m-f-e withdrawn.]
jutta, Feb 09 2002

       thumbwax: The scores wouldn't always end up 0-0, there will be a certain amount of skill needed in web shooting.   

       Jutta: What film?
[ sctld ], Feb 09 2002

       Also a WIBNI, unless you know how to make a web-shooter.
pottedstu, Feb 09 2002

       My idea of a spidey sport is seeing what blissmiss would do to you afterwards.
po, Feb 09 2002

       //punking blissmiss//?   

       What, you mean giving her an eight-colour mohican, ripped-up clothes and a safety-pin through her nose? Can't see her going for that, PS.
Guy Fox, Feb 09 2002

       whoops her big sister is in town now there will be trouble
po, Feb 09 2002

       There's also an older movie and several TV series, not to mention the obvious comic.
StarChaser, Feb 09 2002

       StarChaser: Never in a Spiderman film, comic, or TV Series have i seen him use his webbing to compete in a sporting event.
[ sctld ], Feb 09 2002

       Field Spider Hockey... anyone? anyone?
thumbwax, Feb 09 2002

       I think there's something in here. Not a web-shooter sport, but one with a swingline. I'll get on it.
Xenophile, Jun 14 2012

       Spider web slinger butt stamper. Butter people's behinds from the safety of the 27th Floor.
S-note, Jun 14 2012


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