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I had a thought the other day that 'waterboarding' sounds more like the name of a sport than the name of a torture. You know… snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, waterboarding?

That inspired this idea, which is to combine sports with tortures. You try to do as well as you can in a sport while suffering from a torture. For example:

- rowing + scaphism

- basketball + heretic's fork

- hurdles + shrew's fiddle

notexactly, Nov 22 2015

Vaguely Reminiscent of The Kitty Olympics The_20Kitty_20Olympics
Oh, For Heaven's Sake, You're a Smart (Half)Baker -- there's a Parallel Here, I Tell You! [Grogster, Nov 28 2015]


       An iron maiden could move very quickly down a luge track.
tatterdemalion, Nov 22 2015

       Spanish donkey racing?
Wrongfellow, Nov 22 2015

       Thumb-screw wrestling?   

       How about simply competing who tolerates most torture. Like identical waterboarding treatments and last man standing wins. Great spectator sport.
AK-74, Nov 23 2015

       Baked, for the spectators at a cricket match.
8th of 7, Nov 23 2015

pashute, Nov 23 2015

       bobsled + Judas chair   

       Also, thanks to [jutta] (I assume) for moving this to the proper category, which I didn't realize existed.
notexactly, Nov 23 2015

       What? No Bun? Well Sirs or Madams (or both), I'll not hear of it! [+] Take That!
Grogster, Nov 28 2015

       Butt Weight!   

       There's More...   

       This was vaguely reminiscent of The Kitty Olympics <link> except for humans.
Grogster, Nov 28 2015


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