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Egg Art

Works of art with a dash of salt taste pretty good
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Boiled eggs are unique. It seems to me that you could create unusual sculptures out of them a sell them to people who are having expensive parties with caviar.

Imagine.... You are sipping a martini and saunter over to the appetizers, where you spot the most unusual things. People are eating the little statues that you saw earlier. One's eating what looks like a bust of George Washington, while another is biting off the head of a miniature gargoyle. What a strange thing. You pick up a piece of abstract art and bite into it and find that it is egg white that has been carved into shapes and dyed. You go over, pick up a salt shaker, sprinkle the salt on the remains of your abstract, take another bite, and sauter off into the party.

DesertFox, Aug 25 2004

Bernini's David http://www.kfki.hu/...tur/1620/david.html
[Machiavelli, Oct 05 2004]

Beijing Duck http://www.halfbake...ing_20Fried_20Duck)
The great Duck Debate [swimr, Oct 05 2004]


       First things first: When I'm sipping a martini, I don't "saunter" over to the appetizer table. It's more like a glide.   

       [Fox], I like this idea. I want one carved in the image of Bernini's statue of David. [see link]
Machiavelli, Aug 25 2004

       Wonderful. You could use teflon forms to rapidly create egg white scuptures, then hand-paint them.
Worldgineer, Aug 25 2004

       So you glide. I saunter. It's the same to me. :)
DesertFox, Aug 25 2004

       To each his own.
DesertFox, Aug 25 2004

       //A truly beautifully carved egg takes time and care// Like a Fabergé.   

       Can I get you anything else, [Bach]? Perhaps some fois gras?
Machiavelli, Aug 25 2004

       HA ha ah....Mach, let's not bring that up again
swimr, Aug 25 2004

       [swimr], I must admit I have no idea what you're talking about.
Machiavelli, Aug 25 2004

       [Link]...oh yeah + [df]
swimr, Aug 25 2004

       [swimr], that's weird that I mentioned that. I hadn't read all the annos in that one (including yours, sorry). Now I understand. :)
Machiavelli, Aug 26 2004

       I tend not to drink martinis at all generally going with vodka from the bottle.Although, I don't get invited to social functions that often for some reason. Wouldn't these little sculptures stink something chronic?
harderthanjesus, Aug 26 2004

       Only if they were old.
DesertFox, Aug 26 2004

       I usually slink when I have occasion to visit the appetizers and I would be delighted to find little egg statues awaiting me. [+]
DocBrown, Aug 26 2004

       Ahhhhh, slinking. I like slinking, too. That is good.
DesertFox, Aug 26 2004

Machiavelli, Aug 26 2004

       Gliding, sauntering and slinking...
DesertFox, Oct 09 2004

       + Churning this one up because Easter is coming! Great idea. (where is [DesertFox] these days?)
xandram, Mar 19 2008

       It would be better if they had yolk. Just pour a whole egg into a suitable mould and boil - the yolk should remain fairly central.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 19 2008


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