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Corned Beef Convertible

It's a car with a turnkey roof.
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So, the sun just started shining in the UK for the first time this year. Which reminds us that winter must be just a few days away...

It's the perfect weather for the corned beef convertible. When the sun comes out, you take your giant key and slide it through the hook on the roof of your car. Slowly turning the key, the metal roof begins to tear (in a very satisfying fashion) and rolls up neatly behind the back seats, the key still sticking out for all to see.

Our beleaguered automotive industry rejoices at the influx of welding jobs needed to replace the roofs at the end of each sunny day.

In years to come, the circle will become complete when Frey Bentos design the novelty car-shaped can of corned beef.

Fishrat, May 14 2006


       Seen this joke before as a sardine can convertible in a cartoon somewhere.
DrCurry, May 14 2006

       Funny, impractical, still thought, as amusing as it is, i have to give you a fishbone, because of the time it woudl take to weld it back on. i dunno maybe i am taking it to seriously.
Curiosity, May 14 2006


       that's not souper, just lovely.
po, May 14 2006

       Hang on a moment. That's not how corned beef tins work. The key tears off a 4mm strip around the side of the can. Transposed to an automotive context, this would leave you with an intact, un-rolled roof, no longer attached to the body and yet too large to stow easily.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2019

       //no longer attached to the body and yet too large to stow easily//   

       You can solve this by subtly reducing the car size. Using significant man-strength I was able to lift the hard top off my MX5 and store the roof safely on the sofa. It was always there when I came back because my housemate had insufficient man-strength to regain the sofa...
bs0u0155, Apr 26 2019

       // maybe i am taking it to seriously //   

       Have a nice time there :)
notexactly, Apr 27 2019

       In the finest tradition of the halfbakery. [+]
xenzag, Apr 28 2019


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