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"Buy it now" stickers

Shoes: $200, Pants: $1000, Boxers: Not for sale
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Just about everything has a value, yet it's rare that someone just comes up to you and asks to buy your stuff. However, it's certainly possible that some of your stuff is worth more to someone else than it is to you.

In the spirit of an open market, I propose "Buy it now" stickers. Just stick one of these on each of your possessions, along with a price a few dollars over that which you'd be willing to part with it. Now your house guests can feel free to make an offer on that lamp you hate but haven't spent the time to replace, or someone can stop you on the street and buy your collector's edition sports hat.

Worldgineer, Oct 24 2005

Make Me Move http://www.zillow.com/make-me-move/
Like a giant "Buy it now" sticker for your home. [Worldgineer, Feb 26 2014]


       Hey, I'll give ya buck for one of those stickers you got there.
plainvanilla, Oct 24 2005

       It makes sense. But I'm sure my friends would be sticking these to me when I'm not looking. Being sold into slavery probably isn't as interesting as it sounds.
hidden truths, Oct 25 2005

       Leading to the interesting placement of "Buy it now" stickers, this would work well in the world of prostitution.
MrDaliLlama, Oct 25 2005

       Yupp. Can't see it these days though. Ever since the Hubble space telescope had a V-chip installed. World of prostitution is rated MA.
MrDaliLlama, Oct 25 2005


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