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Cupid's Catalogue

The Wish Book of Love
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An introduction service where the partner-seeker leafs through a catalogue of enchanting maidens or dashing caballeros. Under the lover-to-be's photo is a personality and interests profile. The client then calls the Cupid's Catalogue service and says, "I would like to go out with the lovely Jennifer on page 32," or "I would like an evening with the charming Angelo on page 9," and arrangements are made.
Sparkette, May 25 2004

a worse name http://www.humancatalogue.com/
for the same thing [neilp, Oct 17 2004]


       Heidi Fleiss used to have a service something like this.
jurist, May 26 2004

       whilst the name is good, I'm sure it's baked to a crisp.. isn't this what they all do ?
neilp, May 26 2004


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