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Crawl-Under-a-Rock Garden

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When having a particularly bad day, one might want to get away where they hide away will not be disturbed. There they can contemplate life and the relative crappiness of the day. I propose taking large ornamental rocks like the ones found in public gardens (I live in Vermont, which is apparently just a big rock with dirt, grass, trees, hippies, and smaller rocks on top of it), hollow out a person-sized tunnel underneath the rock so a particularly sullen individual can crawl underneath and sulk for a while. If the tunnel diameter were large enough you could curl up and think of happy place or just lie on your back and watch the clouds go by. A nice bonus would be a rain shower while you sulked.

Yes. I am having one of those days and I am praying for lightning.

MoreCowbell, Jun 23 2006

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       I have a drawing of an umbrella as a boulder - boulderbrella ( I like umbrellas) that I will post up on my wee site someday - you might like it. I share your pain, but not today - this might help +
xenzag, Jun 23 2006

       I'd like to throw a rock!
po, Jun 23 2006

       // I'd like to throw a rock! // You don't live in a glass house, do ya?
MoreCowbell, Jun 23 2006

       as if I care!
po, Jun 23 2006

       BLAST! It doesn't seem to matter where I go, they find me.   

       + I'd like a Rock for two, please.
xandram, Jun 24 2006

       I hope your day improves. And have a bun.
pertinax, Jun 24 2006

       Great. I wish you a better day.
dbmag9, Jun 25 2006


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