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Crazy Preparations

To prepare or not to prepare, that is the question
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Kind of like Iron Chef. There are two contestants, annoying commentators and celebrity diners. What the contestants have to do is prepare a meal in the most ludicrously crazy way possible. You know, freezing with liquid nitrogen, burning with model rocket engines, incineration with an oxy-acetylene torch, anything they can think of. They get all the ingredients, they just have to prepare it. After they're finished, the celebrities sample the dishes. If not one of the celebs like the dish, the person responsible will be forced to eat it. It'd probably be funny if they dubbed it from japanese, like Iron Chef.
loopquanta137, Sep 01 2006


       I'd like this more if it were more original, rather than just a variation on the existing show.   

       The other problem is that the judges don't taste the stunts - they just taste the food, which seems unfair. There's not going to be a big connection between a preparation that looks interesting on camera and interesting tastes.
jutta, Sep 01 2006


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