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Food Allergy Challenge

Five Allergy Doctors and their patients compete to eat the most suspected stuff without showing symptoms
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Five Allergy Doctors and their patients compete to eat the most suspected stuff without showing symptoms

This is a partly blind food challenge test. Each doctor submits three possible tests sequences. (two gm milk protein, .5 gm peanut protein, etc. )

The contest promoters provides one of those sequences chosen at random to the patient. Every 15 minutes the patients eat another item and the doctors check for symptoms. The patient who shows symptoms last wins.

Time lapse speeds up the action to keep it interesting to a TV audience.


Why? How? Good questions. Your body makes histamine all the time. Sometimes it makes too much. In response to infection this is good. In response to harmless proteins (allergies), it is at least annoying, if not bad.

But the symptoms don't start right away. It is more like a water glass fills up but only triggers when the glass overflows.

Blood and scratch tests can say what foods your not allergic to. They can say what foods you might be allergic to. But only by eating the food in question will you know how much of a reaction you have to that food. So the food and the quantity are both important.

So each doc has a list of suspect foods from previous scratch or blood tests, and tries to pick ones that give a small reaction or none at all.

Sort of like pushing the envelop, with each patient supplying a slightly different envelope.

So it will be a game of both luck and skill. And the patient finds out what he/she is allergic to and maybe wins an all expense paid vacation at an allergy free island. The doc maybe wins a research grant or advertising contract.

( Wow the Writers are gonna have to work to make this one fun and exciting. )

Ambulance and hospitals stand in case of gross miscalculations.

popbottle, Jun 12 2015


       Hey, if they can make watching people exercise and weight themselves exciting, they can do this. Have it be your typical vote-off reality show where the last one standing wins it all.
RayfordSteele, Jun 12 2015

       Surely an allergen-free space station is somewhat more plausible than an isle of that ilk?
nineteenthly, Jun 12 2015


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