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Improve usability by making views easier to discover
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I was going to submit a feature request for the ability to see all the pages that I've voted on. I did a bit of research to make sure it'd not already been suggested, and started reading through the site documentation. I discovered that the "views" feature already enabled this.

I found it hard to notice the abililty to have views at all. I think a link to http://www.halfbakery.com/view/ from the homepage (create new view) would be helpful.

Views, by the way, kick ass, as does the layout of the entire site, especially as compared to similar sites listed in http://www.halfbakery.com/editorial/links.html

beland, May 26 2003

Help on views http://www.halfbake...orial/viewhelp.html
Not especially easy to find - I didn't even know it existed before I went looking for it - so I sympathize with you. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]


       When you say "homepage', which page do you mean?   

       Every view page has an [edit, delete] function right beside the view name (at the top of the page).
waugsqueke, May 26 2003

       When I say "homepage" I mean http://www.halfbakery.com/. When I say "homepage", I really mean "in the navigation bar on the left-hand side, which appears on all pages."   

       Or perhaps an even better place would be on the search engine page (http://www.halfbakery.com/search.html) since that would be the logical place to look. Since a "view" is effectively just a splufty search.
beland, May 28 2003

       I notice you still haven't found the [link] button.
bristolz, May 28 2003

       Well, what I was actually looking for was an "advanced search" feature that let me filter on votes or whatnot. It was non-intuitive that the feature I was actually looking for was filed under "browsing" or "views". I would guess that most people (who weren't already expert users) looking to do that kind of search would give up after looking on the search engine page. Which is why I would suggest putting some kind of hint there that advanced searches of that kind are called "views", click here to try it out.
beland, Jun 01 2003


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