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Blind Baking

Take out the bloc voting
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I try my hardest to vote objectively on ideas without reference to the author, but I'm sure that if you analysed my voting patterns you would find that there are a few members here who get more than their fair share of pastry from me, and those who have to try a bit harder - it's only human nature. (But I'm pretty certain that some here have more human nature than others...)

I would quite like an account option that hides authors' names until I have actually voted. That would not only level the playing field a little but would also provide a little side-game of "Who wrote this one?".

In a world of scrupulous fairness, this would be the permanent mode of the site, but in this here world I think it would be better as an account option. I wouldn't want to take things too seriously, after all.

wagster, Jan 09 2007

Blind-baking http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blind-baking
To keep the analogy accurate, I presume that hiding the authors' names until one has actually voted would equate with the practice of loading inert weights into the raw pie crust until it has properly cooked. [jurist, Jan 09 2007]

name that baker. Name_20That_20_27Baker
a particular favourite of our bris. [po, Jan 09 2007]

Persona Obfuscation Persona_20Obfuscation
I would much rather post using other usernames than some ridiculous anonymous pseudonym, like "bungston". [bungston, Jan 10 2007]


       Now as a fun little side game that lets people choose to play this might be interesting. you could work-it along the lines of who does the best imitation of a chosen baker, or just as a guess who.
jhomrighaus, Jan 09 2007

       "I'm pretty certain the baking powder is right...over...here. Where did it go? No, that's salt. Ah, here we go. Now the whisk is..."
normzone, Jan 09 2007

       Actually, it's the annotations that sway me, more than the author. It would be fascinating to see how I'd vote witrhout seeing author, current votes, or annos.
phundug, Jan 09 2007

       I expected this to talk about hiding other people's votes, not the account name. You don't really see the account name until you've read most of the idea text, anyway.
jutta, Jan 09 2007

       Could be fun.   

       "I'm Spartacus"
skinflaps, Jan 09 2007

       no, you're not!
po, Jan 09 2007

       Could be [phundug]   

       Better bun it, just in case.
phundug, Jan 09 2007

       Uh jutta, you are obviously not one of those cheaters who reads the last chapter of a book first then, I assume. (Oh and what I wanted was to know if there is a way to enlarge the font on a particular computer. At home I'm fine, but at work the font is miniscule. I know it's probably something very easy, but my easy days on computers are but history.) Oh and thanks.
blissmiss, Jan 10 2007

       I do read ends of books, sometimes. Just not of ideas. Don't know why.   

       (Font size: Sorry, but that depends on your browser and operating system. If you can, ask someone at work. Many browsers have configuration menus that allow you to adjust their font sizes, or override the settings of a site altogether.)
jutta, Jan 10 2007

       I often read the author's name as an after thought, I couldn't say why - but as little difference as it may make to me, it's a good idea.   

       [Blissmiss], A number of browsers allow you to alter text size by holding ctrl and using the scroll wheel on the mouse.
fridge duck, Jan 10 2007

       [blissmiss], also look to see if your browser has a "View" button located on the upper screen masthead when you are signed-in to your internet connection. Text size controls are often included there (e.g., with both MSN and Yahoo portals).
jurist, Jan 10 2007

       //I expected this to talk about hiding other people's votes// - Actually, that would be good as well. After all, it's generally a combination of idea, author, annos and other votes that influences voting. Maybe we could make it ultra-fair and just hide everything?
wagster, Jan 10 2007

       I like to think I vote on an idea based on its merits, not who the author is. The full criteria I use to judge an idea I shall keep to myself. Suffice to say viability and/or practicality are not required.   

       In retrospect I would estimate my voting pattern to be something like 5% bun, 4% bone, 1% neutral and 90% abstention - meaning I cast no vote at all, simply read the idea & the annos and move on.   

       In fact, the more I think about it I come to realize I never read the idea's category, that is unless I'm completely baffled so I look up for inspiration.   

       Sorry wags, the idea earned a fishbone because I am truly not convinced we need this. And, BTW, I am Spartacus.
Canuck, Jan 10 2007

       Interesting... I probably vote around 70% buns (because I am kind and generous, not because I'm a sucker), 20% abstention and 10% bones. I try to be a bit more balanced but it never seems to work out.   

       Could you enlighten me as to the difference between a neutral and an abstention?
wagster, Jan 10 2007

       "Neutral" is the voting option you have in changing your mind after you incorrectly voted the first time, as opposed to "abstention" which presumes that you never cared enough to express a vote in the first place. The net result is the same, but I suspect there is a subtle difference recorded somewhere in the annals as far as the idea's karma is concerned.
jurist, Jan 10 2007

       The phrase //presumes that you never cared enough// seems kind of harsh, but I suppose that's what's at its core. I decided a long time ago that I did not need to cast a vote every time I read an idea. I don't recall the why and the wherefore of that decision, but my personal policy is to vote when I have a real conviction about the concept.   

       Perhaps you are right, that when I don't express my vote I don't care enough, but at least I'm not the autoboner.   

       And thanks for giving me pause to think...
Canuck, Jan 10 2007

       I very rarely vote because I find it unnecessary. The exception would be someone new who comes up with something so absolutely halfbaked that I can't resist.   

       Also, sometimes I misinterperate an idea, and upon second glance it seems to make more sense. Of course I could always change my vote later, but with limited computer time, I don't get to return to ideas very often.
blissmiss, Jan 10 2007

       I am Spartacus, you posers.
normzone, Jan 10 2007

       I thought you meant this...   

       I am tylj bd this wjtb my eges cmksed ak J dkh t tbjs wj,, maje a nt se sem Fj ,
theleopard, Jan 11 2007

       + It would be fun as a game for oneself, to actually see if this affected your voting.
xandram, Jan 11 2007

       [People] we need to conserve buns ++
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 16 2007

       [+] In my case to get a [+] you'd need to hide the idea too.
pashute, Aug 25 2011


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