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Halfbakery Anti-Depression Filter

Fishbones, fishbones, rolly-polly fishbones.
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A switch that you can toggle in your profile edit screen. If you get more than ten (-), the counter freezes in your window if you're logged in.

Other viewers and users, however, will see the true count, whether it be eleven or two hundred sixty three.

notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

Krelnik's halfbakery FAQ http://krelnik.home...g.com/half_faq.html
[hidden truths, Dec 20 2005]


       No worries, Pa've. I'm not actually depressed, and I'm fine with my fishies as long as at least a few people laugh at my ideas.   

       I'll keep my failure ideas, because I didn't even want them to suceed in the first place.   

       Explosive windows? You didn't think I was serious, right guys? I'd be a horrible person if I was.   

       The only halfway legit ideas I had were the fuel air grenade and the picture frames. And they tanked, so, whatever.
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005

       So much for time away.   

       If you can be depressed by someone believing that your idea is a bad one, then you are far too easily injured for this site, or reality honestly. Personally I'd rather know the true value of my ideas, good or bad.   

       To [Pa`ve]'s statement. I very much disagree that voting is taking the easy way out. I will admit to sometimes voting on an idea purely on gut reaction, but more often than not, I find that my thoughts on it have already been articulated better than I would have by others, and I have my issues with just annotating with simply "What [...] said".   

       Nor do I agree that deleting an idea is a sign of low self esteem. I routinely go through my ideas, deleting those I consider unsuitable (by no means just unpopular ones). The lack of an MFD (many can be loath to administer them as they see it as the place of the moderators) does not mean that an idea is suitable for the site, merely that nobody has demanded its removal. This is an online site, where I post under a pseudonym, for people who I have never met to read. I post for the same reason [notmarkflynn] does, to entertain and to provoke thought. If I think that an idea doesn't do fulfill this criteria for whatever reason, I remove it. I may draw criticism for this, but I would rather people see a half dozen ideas on my profile page and laugh at them. Than find 60 and have 54 that are uninteresting.   

       I would agree however, that [notmarkflynn] might wish to study up on some of the more prolific users. Try reading up on [FarmerJohn], [hippo] or Mr[Bubba] there. If you want to go for funny, try [moomintroll]. He cracks me up a lot of the time. Oh, and the help file. A lot. And [krelnik]'s guide if it's still around.   

       And this idea belongs in the halfbakery category somewhere, possibly halfbakery:view.
hidden truths, Dec 20 2005

       \\If you want to go for funny, try [moomintroll]\\ Not everyone's cup of tea, though.
Why bless you, [hidden], you just totally made my entire week. You have no idea what that means to me... I came over all emotional when I read that... had to go away and glow quietly in the corner for a bit.
moomintroll, Dec 21 2005

       [nmf] and if it's baffling cultural references you're looking for, I recommend {Ian Tindale].

       Edit: Apologies [IT]. I now know where Buncefield is, and I'm very embarrassed that I didn't know before.
moomintroll, Dec 21 2005

       Buncefield? My office used to be close to there. Now it's a couple of feet further away.
st3f, Dec 21 2005

       Are you in Australia or England? I can never tell with you people.
notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005


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