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chugga chugga... choo chooo!
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I notice that a lot of babies like movement. Have you ever watched a baby scream just so their parent would pick them up and take them somewhere? Have you noticed that they usually stop screaming when they do?

Cribs are (as far as I know) stationary. But not anymore. Ghillie, jr. is now chugging around the room in his little Snooze-Snooze Train. After placing Ghillie, jr. in one of the train cars, you turn on the electric motor (which works much like the model trains) and leave the room. A small musical box is turned by the wheels, providing noise so jr. doens't feel alone. As he chugs slowly down the track (which is installed around the entire room), he is rocked to sleep by the sloping edges attached to the rail. Every once in awhile a bell quietly goes off, and the optional humidifier blows out of the smokestack. And when jr. needs to be fed, a noise activated steam whistle goes off, to ensure that jr. doesn't have to wait.

ghillie, May 03 2004

In case you want to accessorize. http://www.cribbedd...oduct.asp?number=51
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Little Baby Choo-Choo http://www.halfbake..._20Baby_20Choo-Choo
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The Shuteye Train http://boomerbible.com/ShuteyeTown1999/
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       One key component of my son's early childhood development was a wind-up rocking crib (it also converted to a rocking chair and had a battery-driven option). So, sorry, they got that one covered already.
DrCurry, May 03 2004

       Hm. Do you have a link, dr? I'd like to see that. At least, when I get a kid.   

       But your crib isn't exactly the same as what I was describing. Your's was stationary, but rocking; mine is moving forward, and rocking. Plus the crib is being rocked by the track itself, not by a motor.
ghillie, May 03 2004

       Could it be configured to go around a Christmas tree? That is how I am setting mine up. (+)
booleanfool, May 03 2004

       With the option of a princess's carriage for baby girls. (+)
jballard, May 03 2004

       Ew, no thanks. I'd rather my girls ride the train than be pigeonholed into THAT nauseating stereotype from Day 1, tyvm.

Great idea, ghillie.
lintkeeper2, May 03 2004

       "In the news today, a derailment on the baby crib line disrupted little Ghillie jr's afternoon nap. Investigators on the scene believe the incident occurred after the wheels of the household sushi train were guided onto the wrong track, possibly by a disgruntled former passenger of the baby crib line, little bhillie, aged 4."   

       Love the idea ghillie... perhaps to be extended to go all round the inside of the house?
Lacus Trasumenus, May 03 2004

       I’d like to have the tracks suspended from the ceiling. And the train would chug from room to room on the ceiling tracks, through cutouts way up in the walls. It would descend only in the kids room—every half hour or so.
ldischler, May 04 2004

       Normally I would do anything for a croissant, [foolserrand], but your suggestion kind of defeats the purpose.
ghillie, May 04 2004

       Good one, ghil, +
dentworth, May 04 2004

       I like this but think that, more practically, a device which attaches to the crib and makes sounds and rythmically shakes or vibrates the crib might be a better thing than actually moving the crib.
bristolz, May 04 2004

       Accompanied by HD video. Sort of a movie ride crib.
waugsqueke, May 04 2004

       //THAT nauseating stereotype// Could you be more specific? What stereotype is "THAT?"
jballard, May 05 2004

       "What stereotype is THAT?"   

       PRINCESS!.....unless you ARE royalty, on this website one never knows
dentworth, May 05 2004

       A princess is not a stereotype. Please see the defintion of "stereotype."   

       To be fair, my daughter can play with trucks and bugs if she wants, but she also has the choice to play with dolls and pretend to be a princess. My original comment was that a carriage version should be availabe along with the rail-car version.   

       Call me old fashioned? (Sorry this has gotten so off-topic)
jballard, May 05 2004

       Note: a discussion is not officially off track until someone mentions Godwin's Law.
dpsyplc, May 05 2004

       What's Godwin's Law?
Eugene, May 06 2004

       Sorry [jballard], I was just answering for [lintkeeper2] the princess attitude, ie.bossy demanding deserving of special treatment, that stereotype. Putting a girl in a princess carriage won't do it, I'll admit.
dentworth, May 06 2004

       //crawls out of the crib//

How long do you keep babies in a crib? Surely not long enough for them to be able to crawl out and around! (Never had one, remember my age!)
ghillie, May 06 2004

       You keep them there til they crawl out, then they go to some kind of safer "youth bed" . My little gymnast was out of his crib at 10 months, we had to put a mattress on the floor for him and double doggy doors on his room door to keep him in at night.   

       so Ghil, you married? thinking about babies? just curious...
dentworth, May 06 2004

       *blush* No, I'm only 17...
ghillie, May 07 2004

       “thinking about babies? just curious...”
“No, I'm only 17...”
And this is how God’s plan works.
ldischler, May 07 2004

       How many incarnations is this idea going to have [ghillie]?   


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